As Sunday and final day dawns, mounting suspense and tension in Makeni as APC still tries to get flag bearer

The electrical tension and the suspense are palpable in Makeni today , the final day of the All People’s Congress ( APC )  Delegates  Convention , as the party fights to elect a flag bearer to take it to the 2018 presidential elections in March.

There are rumors and all kinds of news floating around the city, the country and the social media.


Whereas during the week some commentators were reporting “authoritatively ” that the man is Foreign Minister Samura Kamara and yesterday the speculators were predicting Justice Minister, Joseph F. Kamara, it has now turned out that the party is not closer yet to deciding a presidential candidate for next year’s mammoth elections.

According to our man, Idrissa Conteh : “All the 28 presidential aspirants for the APC have been locked in one conference for them to make consultations and come up with one candidate as the person unanimously chosen to lead the party in the 2018 presidential elections.If the aspirants fail to come up with a unanimous decision, the National Advisory Council (NAC) will convene an emergency meeting and come up with a name! We’re surrounding the conference room where all the actions are currently taking place. The White smoke is yet to come out. Hearts are beating thunderously while many are sweating profusely. Several ambulances and medical personnel have been deployed on the ground in case of any casualties requiring emergency medical services. The pantheon of aspirants is expected to come out in one hour! ”

An hour after that report, Conteh writes :

“Candidates Vote for the Most Popular Aspirant! Each candidate is required to write his/her own name plus the name of another aspirant he/she considers to have greatest chances of winning the presidential elections. The papers will be collected and analysed! The candidate whose name appears the most becomes the compromised candidate to represent the APC as presidential candidate. The decision is coming out soonest! The smoke has started gathering! ”

It is also being reported that the “APC is going with selection rather than election. All candidates are being asked to sign a document saying they will support the candidate and not leave the party.”

More reports say that Joseph Kamara has brought 50 buses of supporters to Makeni, while all l of Yonibana has turned out for Madam Zainab Bangura. Thick crowds are also being associated with Kelfala Marah and Alpha Kanu. 

APC Convention Latest reports: Time 14:21

Aspirants Fail to Reach Consensus!!!

The 28 presidential aspirants have failed to reach a consensus and have thrown back the ball to the President’s courts.

The atmosphere in and outside the APC party office is heavily charged!

Supporters, drummers, singers and ashorbi people are all anxiously waiting for the pronouncement of the name of the presidential aspirant for the ruling party.

President Koroma is expected to retire shortly with NAC members for consultations before reporting to the delegates the outcome of the consultations.

The name is coming up in the next couple of hours.

No smoke came out after the first consultations by the aspirants.


SLBC  live streaming shows that  the process of selection/election is well in place and the attendants are jubilantly singing the party’s victory song. The party is building up. Supporters of the aspirants are rejoicing and the National Advisory Council (NAC )  has retired into another room to deliberate. APC  stalwarts being interviewed by the SLBC  are saying they will support any flag bearer who emerges.

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