BBC stringer Umaru Fofana is one of the most reckless journalists ever produced in Sa. Leone

By Sylvia Blyden ( Whatsapp Post ) :

Umaru Fofana of the BBC  is one of the most reckless journalists ever produced in Sierra Leone. How can you speak to just one source and use it to announce such a key breaking news about “focal person”?

I can categorically debunk Umaru’s claim that Attorney General JFK is now “focal person for all ministers”, as being VERY UNTRUE, TOTALLY UNFOUNDED and in my opinion, such falsity is aimed at creating problems in the Cabinet.



What I know happened is that the President said JFK as AG/MOJ, is to be the focal point for all Executive government discussions to be held with Legislators and others involved in the matter of the Abortion Bill.

It can be recalled that several ministers & officials were in the meeting when the president said more dialogue was needed on the Abortion Bill. One person then asked as to which ministry out of health, Justice, rural development, social welfare & women’s affairs, etc. etc. would take the lead in collaboration on the abortion law within relevant extra-Executive arm dialogue.

At this point, His Excellency responded that matters of legislation like the Abortion Bill should be led by the Justice Ministry and so the Attorney General JFK should be the focal point for all subsequent dialogue between Executive ministries, legislative parliament and interested parties like the Inter Religious Council on the specific matter of the Abortion Bill.


That is all that happened and infact it was at the Wednesday meeting to discuss the Abortion Bill.

On Thursday, the President had no meeting of ministers at State House. Infact, the President spent practically the whole day Thursday, NOT at State House, but over at Defense Ministry where it can be recalled he is the substantive Defense Minister.

Sierra Leone Citizens have to be VERY CAUTIOUS of how they believe some of what Umaru dishes out.

To the ordinary eye, he might be an ordinary journalist doing his job but when you peruse deeper, a more sinister objective can be seen; in this case, the objective is to create problems for our new Attorney General JFK with his other colleagues in the Cabinet.

Bottomline, Umaru LIED when he said “The new Attorney General is now the focal person for all ministers”

So Umaru’s subsequent “rocket science” deductive thinking about what his OUTRAGEOUS LIE portends about preference for APC flagbearer is just bunkums aimed at distracting the focus of the new AG and/or possibly creating needless tensions between AG and other Cabinet ministers.

President Ernest Koroma has repeatedly said he had NO PREFERENCE so far to succeed him.

Infact, when I chatted with the President on the phone tonight, the President himself reiterated to me what he has often stated that he cannot impose a preference in APC flagbearer succession as it is the entire APC party that will meet to collectively choose his successor.

I can be freely quoted on this issue which has now gone viral on social media with detractors even giving it extra wings to fly it to astronomical proportions that has even seen the VP and Chief of Staff dragged in. Ar tire with this Umaru LIEMAN journalist always trying to set up our party. If he is not spreading reckless lies that soldiers in trucks have forced the former VP to run seek asylum in U.S. Embassy, he will be lying about appointment of a “focal person for all ministers”

© Dr. Sylvia O. Blyden.


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