BBC Stringer Umaru Fofana missing in action, as SLPP Vs. SLPP Brutal murder goes unreported on ‘Focus on Africa’


When we write about the unprincipled, biased and one-sided character of the individuals who spare no bones about putting every negative thing about the ruling APC Government on international front page while neglecting the positive news , those who do not understand and who are part of the selective reporting cabal ,  attack us in their online newspapers or in  articles that we are too hard on other journalists.

But how do they explain the conspicuous absence of the SLPP Murder charade and scandal on the BBC Focus on Africa program ,  where the stringer in Freetown, Mr. Umaru Fofana,  is very diligent with his work ? When it comes to commitment and diligence about getting Sierra Leone’s  political news on the BBC , nobody beats Mr. Fofana. Even if the event is insignificant, he has the uncanny knack of building it up into a great story, as long as it is casting the APC Government of President Ernest Koroma and the country in bad light .

Sierra Leoneans, including Umaru Fofana’s own journalism colleagues in Sierra Leone , have been complaining about his brand of journalism —That the opposition SLPP  sympathizer he is, Mr. Fofana only sends negative and damaging news about the ruling APC and Sierra Leone to the BBC. Mr. Fofana has SLPP  sympathizers who always defend him and refute these  allegations against him.



But if there were ever any doubts about Umaru Fofana’s partisan-styled pro-SLPP Journalism, the BBC Stringer has been caught pants down by the recent dangerous incident within the SLPP , which undermined the peace and stability of the country when a supporter of the SLPP Presidential aspirant Mr. Fofana is accused of supporting , Dr.Maada Bio, violently, fiendishly and savagely stabbed and killed a supporter of another prospective SLPP  aspirant, Mr. John Benjamin. This murder , frightening as it is, casts  the SLPP  as a chaotic political party that is composed of violent and sadist killers who do not choose between brother or rival. They kill even their own people in cold blood.

If this incident had happened within the APC, it would have been  lead news on the BBC Focus on Africa  program. Umaru Fofana would have blown up the story and even interviewed SLPP  officials and supporters and even members of the public in a desperate attempt to solicit views that would have been damaging to the APC. However, since it involved the SLPP,  the event has gone unreported on the BBC.

Mr. Fofana and other anti-government and SLPP – supporting journalists fail to realize that the Sierra Leone public has become smarter and wiser and can no longer be fooled by them. People now know that some of these shady and shadowy characters posing as journalists are nothing but partisan politicians in disguise. We have produced for the benefit of our readers some of the complaints in the social media about Umaru Fofana’s selective journalism.

But Umaru is by no means the only culprit .  There is ( Was ? ) another BBC Stringer, domiciled in London–a man infamous not only for bad journalism, but his wife-beating habit that heralds his character , which   has seen Metropolitan Police raid his home many times. This sorry Editor of the  online scandal sheet heralding every bad news about Sierra Leone is a replica of the German hate journalist, Julius Streicher .  Of him  we once wrote : “One of the most dangerous Sierra Leoneans with the pen living in the diaspora is the former British Broadcasting Corporation ( BBC ) broadcaster who hates his country, President Ernest Bai Koroma and the All People’s Congress (APC) Government with so much passion that he spews out hate messages against the government and the country on a regular basis. ”

This sad fellow  feeds off and heralds negative and damaging stories about Sierra Leone. He write thundering articles, with gory photos, whenever the ruling APC  is accused of violence. It is a surprise and a crying shame that he , who parades himself as a human rights activist, has not found space in his rag sheet to mention anything about the SLPP intra-party feuds, violence and killing of their own supporter.

We can also look at some of the columnists of pro-SLPP and Kandeh Yumkella newspapers who make heavy weather of not only attacking the government persistently but have also transformed themselves into prophets of doom. Where are they when this SLPP  murder story is raving in the social media ? I guess it is not important because it does not deal with the APC. What a crying shame indeed ! ! !

What about the fake NGOs and civil society organizations in the country ? Their press statements denouncing the APC would have been ear-deafening and would have created a din if the killing had been done by the APC. Their silence is what is deafening, this time.

What a shame.



UMARU FOFANAH ABANDONED JOURNALISM. In today’s technological age it may sound logical to argue that nation-states, communities and the people don’t need journalists. Not because the profession itself is growing antique due to the rise of digital media but when a journalist like Umaru Fofanah of BBC will only report bad news about one political party and evade reporting on recent murder and barbarism in the SLPP, he makes journalism a laughing stock. Can journalist be that hypocritical or selective in their reports? Why did our friend abandon journalism this time? Does Mr Fofanah’s journalism covers only one political party? What can we do to enhance his coverage of other parties?Why is it that these journalist want to dictate the news and in the process they suppress the news? O what a journalism I have not seen…KANTHE KNANA ON FACEBOOK



Did I miss the BBC Focus on Africa news after the SLPP stabbings where Bio’s body guard stabbed and killed a young JOB supporter. I have been asking every one whether Umaru Fofanah reported this very significant incident in his Focus on Africa as he will do every single bit when it comes to the APC.

“Me haide dae hart me sef wae e cam pan salone man business. Even professional journalist now nor dae talk TRUE kikikikiki. Oh Charon Maine dem”. “Shiorrrrr!! Charon maine!

Anyway let me just hang things here until someone post me the Umaru story on the SLPP stabbings. WE ARE WAITING.

Sulaiman Forna

APC Double edge sword guru




Mr Umaru Fofanah is a BBC reporter in Sierra Leone .the last time I checked, Mr Umaru Fofanah is supposedly a professional journalist reporting for the BBC from Sierra Leone.
A youth was killed in Kenema in a SLPP vs SLPP face off recently . I haven’t heard Mr Fofanah mak e any report about that incident or did I miss his report on BBC?? Or is it that Mr Umaru Fofanah only know how to report negative things that has to do with the APC government? And if its true that Umaru Fofanah did not report about the killing of a youth in kenema by one of the SLPP thugs,Mr Umaru Fofanah’s credibility is questionable. Please Sierra Leoneans I want us all to check the way Mr Umaru Fofanah does his reporting.



Mabinty Kamara

I’m also waiting to hear Umaru Fofanah report that issue on the BBC, if he is objective with his work then the world has to hear this story. Culture Radio has to air out a talk show on this story.


Ishafa Bangura

Have people forgotten? During the 2012 elections, when Umaru Fofanan reported on BBC about faeces (kaka ) that was scattered at the SLPP office in Kono. He implicitly stated that APC was responsible for such an act. If he could report back then about faeces (kaka ),what’s wrong now to report this very crucial issue. He can’t . It’s not news worthy.


Adama Mambu

He will never report any thing related to the SLPP and he is day dreaming of becoming a their minister of information which is a far fetched dream.

Ibrahim Alieu Kanu

Umaru Fofanah has gone to the extent of carrying a campaign of calumny in discouraging the donor community to stop funding Sierra Leone, his only home. Preaching a gospel of corruption to the international community against his own country. I don’t believe he will condescend to such a level. He would never succeed in pulling down this country.







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