By Bishop Sam Boyabei
Wednesday September 28, 2005

I bear the burden of national freedom like many other compatroits.However , only a few persons wanna take responsibilty for charting the course for change. The basic problem of most of us is that we like to see some body else do it. So, in our national life we have produced more spectators than participants.


The need of the hour and the urgency of the moment is a REVOLUTION. But who will chart the course and CHAMPION the course?

Where ever there is a human-need,God has a prepared man. That man has to know he is sent

and that mandate becomes compulsive and not optional. When that man arrives on the scene

the people will know it. He must carry DIVINE- CREDENTIALS,and love not his own life unto death.

Sierra Leone needs a REVOLUTION!      I dare to ask which brand of revolution. I will hasten to define the word REVOLUTION. A revolution is ” a complete change of any kind.”


I`d earlier stated four types of revolution, and as follows:

1) Political revolution

2) Religious revolution

3) ANARCHIESTIC revolution

4) The 4th wave(the river)revolutiopn.

please take a journey with me in understandind these trends as they apply to our beloved nation, Sa.Lone.



We have had revolutions in the nation that meant to bring a lasting change, but failed because it lacked the ingredients of true salvation for all the people. Immaturity,greed, abuse of international protocols, gross abuse of people`s right and rampant corruption characterised almost all the so-called revolutions we have had as a nation.

The Army tried to give the people the much need break from national bondages but they ended up being captives of their own ideologies. Simply put, they failed the people in their attempt to deliver the populace. Although we still need a revolution, we do not need a military type in a hurry. This type of revolution has to be sanctified.



Sierra Leone is behind schedule as far as religious REVOLUTION is concerned. One has to appreciate and understand the dynamics of this type of revolution. We live in days of fanaticism, and religion has bored the brunt of the abuse and negative trends this has gendered in diverse places. We have had more wars fought over religious ideologies than anything in the whole wide-world. At anyrate we are not close to one as yet, and when we do we need a lot of wisdom and grace to press it through. It must be sanctified,or else it will be something else.



As seen in other places we have had our taste and we abhore it adversely. The RUF and AFRC were architecks of this great catastrophic , oppressive and demonic type of revolution.

All well meaning and patriotic Sierra Leoneans will never celebrate anarchy(HALAKIE revolutio)

that did our nation no good . It plunged us into national missery. Our compatriots simply took the wrong redress to our national problem. We don1t want it any more.


4) 4th Wave REVOLUTION(aka the RIVER).

The river is symbolic to many things and at the same time very characteristic. The river     carries life giving virtues to anything it touches. It  deserves the summary of everything that flows to cleanse,purge,sanctify.ractify,restore,refresh, revitalize,rejuvinate,transform, birth,harmonize etc;etc

It contains everything good and essential. THIS IS THE 4TH WAVE REVOLUTION we so badly

need as a people. This is the LAST CARD revolution that knows no defeat. When this RIVER comes into a nation it will heal the economy, restore credibility,affect the spiritual life of the people and bring about grassroot salvation. In this era ,the days of spectatorship must give way  to the days of  CORPORATE  PARTICIPATION.


CHARTING THE WAY FOREWARD therefore puts certain responsibilities on all of us together as a people,and I call it THE NON TRANSFERABLE RESPONSIBILITIES.These are obvious things Sierra Leoneans must do for themselves. Britain, USA, CHINA. the UN and the international Community as a whole can only contribute a quota to our national life (AND WE STILL NEED THEM). But Sierra Leoneans themselves must contribute true change to our national life. We must cherish a VISION for National TRANSFORMATION. WHY must we look like rich-paupers? Do we have prospects of national unity?


Let us possess the will to do what we have not done to get what we do not have.

UNITY is not a product of manupulations,but it is a product of MATURITY. Let us see it and grab it. Sierra Leone shall be saved!


Charting the way forward in Sierra Leone calls for divine strategies and exposures. It must abandon unhealthy competitions and bring visionaries together who possess KINDRED SPIRITS and are ready to contribute their lives to a worthy national cause.


We DECLARE: Sierra LEONE WE ARE COMING. Two things we must do.

1)Mobilize twenty four persons to form what I will call the “THE COUCIL OF PATRIOTIC ELDERS(C O P E).”

2)Plan an OCTOBER MEETING leading to the Great NOVEMBER MEETING.


Look out for PART 2—-The WAY forward for SIERRA LEONE.


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