Concerned Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad stage a global virtual protest against conditions in Sierra Leone 

Concerned Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad stage a global virtual protest against conditions in Sierra Leone

Diaspora Unity Campaign Group: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 June 2021:

The government of Sierra Leone is repressive and is denying and preventing citizens from exercising their constitutional right to host public protests, instead using the police to crack down and detain anyone who dares. Therefore, the Diaspora Unity Campaign Group in collaboration with Concerned citizens in Sierra Leone are hosting a Global Virtual Protest on Facebook, Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, on Saturday 19th June 2021 .

This event is a brain child of a diverse group of patriotic Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad, who are determined to restore Sierra Leone’s democracy, Constitution, and to find ways to ease the economic hardship facing the people of Sierra Leone.

These Sierra Leoneans are supporting the efforts of the Consortium of Progressive Political Parties in Sierra Leone.

Our main aim is to raise awareness of relevant global stakeholders and seek changes to the ongoing violations of Sierra Leone’s Constitution, the ultra-violation of our democracy, massive economic hardship, human right abuses, massive corruption and depletion of our natural resources.

We aim to end and say NO to bad governance and abuse of power; No to massive corruption and hidden financial expenditures; No to the militarization of our democracy; No to inefficient and incompetent Parliament passing bad laws; No to constitutional abuses; No to police brutality, intimidation and harassment; No to regionalism and tribalism.

Come out in massive numbers on Facebook, Zoom, YouTube and other platforms to exercise your right to free speech and constitutional right to protest and raise awareness to the World before it will be too late.

For over three years, Sierra Leoneans have endured a ruthless regime which is tearing our nation apart and suppressing citizens’ right to protest and expression in the face of repeated, unapologetic and targeted kidnappings and killings across the country.

Sierra Leoneans have not seen anything like this since our nearly three decades of multiparty democracy and constitutional governance.

Patriotic Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora and at home from all walks  of life; civil society, members from sixteen political parties in the country, the disable , trade unions, market women and Traders , Okada/bike riders , students, media and other professional organizations and Human Rights activists will converge on the 19th of June 2021 in solidarity and together with the Consortium of Progressive political Parties in protesting against the abuses and economic hardship of the Bio’s administration.

We have witnessed a retrogression of national peace and cohesion, the escalation of state corruption, increase in crime including against women and children, senseless killings of helpless citizens by state operatives at the Pademba Road and Makeni, disregard for the rule of law, the reversal of democratic gains and the lighting of the embers of tribalism in our beautiful country.

This global virtual protest will be powered by Facebook, zoom, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and followed by leaders of Sierra Leone’s development partners across the world.

It will be a protest that has never been seen in our country as it brings participants from five continents.

Everyone is invited to join in to send a message that we jointly and individually reject what is going on in Sierra Leone under the watch of the Bio administration. Our people deserve peace not peacekeepers and the enjoyment of fundamental rights.

We will converge to support the work of the 13 members of the Coalition of Progressive Political Parties (COPPP) in our country to save Sierra Leone from disintegration once again.

Come and join us to save the soul of mama Sierra Leone.

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