Do the Sierra Leone Police wine and dine with the same troublemakers they condemn in their press releases ?

By Alusine A. Sesay

If you think The Sierra Leone Police et al have n’t got a clue about the usual troublemakers and suspects that go around in all corners of the country,– flouting the rules, abuse of power and authority, intimidating defenseless citizens for some time now, you must be incredibly naive.


The sad reality is that many Sierra Leoneans unfortunately have entirely negative perception of the Police and their surrogates .–They say they are ineffective, unprofessional, corrupt and even predatory.

I know there are a few good ones amongst them , but the people have long lost confidence in their ability to police the nation without favour or prejudice.

I do welcome the press release , however, this pattern of communication for the past 12 months has become such a familiar trope in-order to fool the gullible public. —as far as I know they are just playing to the gallery.–Some of them eat and dine with these troublemakers.

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