“EBOLA-WATER AND FIRE” : Where does it leave Sierra Leone?


“This too shall pass” In the event when the Ebola blizzard is gone, Sierra Leone would have learnt her lessons well. The present constitutional tug of war tussling within the nation’s legal system and the people of Sierra Leone, would have also clearly defined more modules in the annals of history for the terminology of “Democracy”.

What is very evident, is the prowess of the legal educated elites who want to see the sanctity of the constitution preserved, and the common sense of the uneducated man prevailing over ignorance than it used to be. Many legal scholars in the diaspora and Sierra Leone have initiated what seems to be a long debate in the legal system of Sierra Leone. Prominent among them are lawyers Alieu Iscandri and Sorie Tarawally. Whatever changes/amendments that have occurred over the years in our constitution that warranted the sacking of the vice president Alahj Sam Sumana by president Dr. Ernest Koroma  is the topic of the day that has acutely overtaken the Ebola crises.

This is the time also when our legal system is put under a microscopic evaluation in the eyes of the world. In the middle of a viral crisis that is pandemic and have the world’s attention focused on West African nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, one would expect all efforts to be geared in eradicating the virus first before any celebration.

The present government of President Dr.Ernest Koroma seemed to have pass the test of democracy until Ebola unprecedentedly stroke about a year ago, and all weaknesses of underdevelopment exposed. President Koroma and government have a moral obligation to continue the good work started in their first term. Corruption must stop, and democracy practiced to the naked eye. This is important for Sierra Leone’s peaceful co-existence citizenry. The scars of the useless war are still healing, and it is incumbent upon the present ruling government to exercise strong nerves of patience and fairness not to allow any commotion to erupt within the nation so to speak by administering good governance that is accepted by Sierra Leoneans and the world of civilized nations. On the other side of the spectrum it is mandatory that Sierra Leoneans wherever we are, to be law abiding and not provoke violence as many have sounded already in social media.

The neglects of nature’s gift which is endowed in Sierra Leone and her environs that were spited before, have to be utilized in a cost effective way. This requires the participation of every Sierra Leone and that requires patriotism.

The beautiful sceneries of natural beaches coast line of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Sierra Leone are still waiting for more touristic development.

The green environment is saying no to its annihilation by wicked deforestation.

The blowing winds along the coastlines of the Atlantic and rift valleys running from Freetown to the hinterland provides opportunities for a source of clean wind energy.

The excess sunlight would have been more of a blessing to embark on for energy than the present futile efforts and wasteful of resources on the Bumbuna waterfalls project which for years has not been cost effective.

The filth and overburdened garbage disposals strewed about every corner in our beautiful cities, could be a source of recycling energy. The importance of energy is a fact realized already that life cannot move without it. Here again is the government’s responsibility to provide sufficient energy from the different sources of energy that are available in the country.

The seven or more rivers and tributaries within Sierra Leone are more than a blessing for six million population nation that can provide not only a source of drinking water but a good irrigation for the already natural fertile soil.

The precious minerals and natural resources would have been a strong backbone of our economy that could oversee many developments emerging. The series of lockdowns will be meaningless if we Sierra Leoneans do not maintain law and order in the first place. We have to abide by the health education measures of universal safety protection of hand washing. This is where the Government should chip in by providing sufficient water supply for the entire nation. Thanks to Mother Nature there is abundance of sources of water to utilize there are enough rain and rivers. Water is vital for life.

Frankly speaking most of these developmental projects were underway until Ebola struck. Glimpses of development by the government cannot be over sighted .The good road networks, and many other projects saw Sierra Leone placed as the second fastest growing economy in the world. This means the government was moving on alright. However procrastination is the enemy of time and we hope that Mr. Ekundayo bola (Ebola) will soon disappear from our midst and we shall continue our rapid development.

As the new dawn awaits Sierra Leone after the scourge of Ebola, I wish all Sierra Leoneans well and many thanks for maintaining peace and tranquility. Perhaps reflecting on the waters and fire or energy that surround our beautiful country there is hope for our country to look into our future positively.

Dr. Augustine. A. Kamara

Virginia USA.


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