Let us stop hating others and save ourselves from Hell



Matthew 6:15
Matthew 12:34-36
Matthew 18:1-35
1 Corinthians 6:9
Matt 18:23-35
1John 1:8
Proverbs 8:13
Ezekiel 28:14–15
Isaiah 14:12–15:

Another funeral, another moment of sadness but while the world is full of grief and burials , which speak to us with the clear message that life is not permanent and we are only here for a season, why is it that there are other people who spend their whole life hating their fellow men and imagining evil for them whole day ?



We have buried enough of our comrades even within our small enslave in Diaspora USA during the past three years for us to know that this life is not own own and we are just passing through. Also that there will be a judgement after death.

The message from the men of God who ministered at yesterday’s funeral was urgent, strong, scathing and laced with warning : BE CAREFUL OF YOUR LIFE BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN. If you die with all that hate in you for others, you will not make it to Heaven. The word of God is clear on that.

Some people listen to these frightful messages about the mortality of man , the uncertainty of life, the unavoidable nature of death and judgement after death but they still walk in malice, hate, jealousy , vindictiveness etc. What can your fellow man do to you that makes you so full of anger, hate, malice that you will not let go ? Don’t you hurt other people too ? In fact, most people who behave like that are the ones who have the problems. What makes you think that , when issues arise between you and those close to you, you are right all the time and that others pick on you ? Do you examine your own life to see where you hurt other people too? Do you listen to yourself at times to hear you too hurt at times with the things you say to and about people ? Do you notice the reckless and unfeeling manner you treat others at times ? Do you see the pride, pomposity and petulance in your conduct ? And God hates the proud. Nothing riles the Lord more than pride. It was pride that caused the downfall of the brightest angel of them all, Lucifer, who became Satan .

Let us be careful how we behave on this earth , my friend. We can have our political beliefs and still live harmoniously with people. Many of my good friends in New Jersey are SLPP stalwarts. We have our strong opinions about and against our respective parties but when we meet at functions. we embrace one another, make jokes and have fun together. Life is not all about politics. Some SLPP friends jokingly call me and say things like : “Uncle Kabs, things rough O. Send something for me, bra, make we sef enjoy de APC money ” . I too call them and ask some to do stuffs for me. Some run errands for me without complaining. I do not know any SLPP man or women I am not on talking terms with. We complain about one another’s views , but we talk and joke at functions.

If people from the opposition can be tolerant to us, we do not understand when people from within us are hateful, malicious, unforgiving and vindictive.

Please heed the messages from the men of God. These messengers of God are warning us . There will be no excuse tomorrow. You will not tell God that you did not know. That is why you keep hearing these warnings from the messengers of God every time. STOP HATING OTHERS AND START LOVING. Start forgiving others. Start being open-minded and discuss issues with those you feel have hurt you .Do not keep them malice. You are creating opportunities for you to spend your eternity in Hell. There is nobody who has not been hurt before by others.Living in this world is difficult. People hurt us every day. We have all been hurt before but we forgive. Hell is not a good place to go. People who walk in malice and unforgiveness will go to Hell. We forgive because we want to obey God. We forgive because we do not want to go to Hell. If we go by what people do to us, we will talk to nobody. Forgive your enemy today. You might be the next person to die. You never know. Tomorrow is not promised.

May be, you hate and keep malice because JESUS CHRIST has not become your Lord and saviour. You are not saved . You go to church but you are not saved. Examine yourself, my friend. If you are not saved, bow down now and pray to God to help you become saved. Recite and believe Romans 10: 9, 10. Then look for a strong church where the Word of God is not only preached , but it is a requirement that it be put to practice. You will still make mistakes after you get saved, but one thing I can assure you is that you will not enjoy your current attitudes of being vindictive, hateful, malicious any more. You will learn to forgive others as God and people themselves forgive you for your trangressions.

I love you and do not want you to go to Hell.

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