Letter to the SLBC : Ahmed Ojullah Bangura comments on allegations against President Koroma and Dr. Thorpe

Published on August 15, 2010 by Cocorioko News   ·   1 Comment

By Ahmed Ojullah Bangura :

Until now, I was never interested in writing sensitive political articles. I respect people’s views and with a huge sense of patriotism, I have always been positive on issues of national interest. But Dr Blyden’s subversive political workmanship is driven my immutable patriotic comments on her self proclaimed social and political commentator. I hope she could tell the people of Sierra Leone who she is really advocating for. I have no objections to her right to say polite and patriotic statements. But the manner in which the article reads is devoid of democratic sensation and dispensation.

Dr Blyden recent article accusing His Excellency as a ‘dictator’ in capital letters and Dr Christiana Thorpe as the wrong identity in her position identifies her as a political ‘dwarf’ in the dark. She is more of a political ‘Pharaoh’ with hidden agenda to derail the ‘take-off’ development stage. The SLPP had all the requisites to make Sierra Leone a pacesetter during post reconstruction but failed woefully. But I wonder if the self styled Dr had written a single phrase to question, among other unfulfilled manifestos, why we were still having high infant mortality. Instead, every grand step and action done by His Excellency Dr Koroma is a thorn in the flesh for her and her affiliated compatriots.

But before I identify issues Dr Blyden ought to have commented on instead of the indelible reputation of Dr Thopre and the unquestionable statesmanship of His Excellency, I need to admonish Dr Blyden not to commit an erroneous belief that I am writing on tribal, regional, or party interest. I want Dr Blyden to know that I had voted twice for SLPP and not for APC. Unfortunately, SLPP failed me as they failed visionary Sierra Leoneans.

May I inform Dr Blyden that she failed to fight the self styled social and political role more than a decade ago? Does she know that SLPP established institutions and made them toothless bull dogs; they started projects which they never completed; they collaborated with enemies of the state to perpetrate mayhem on life and property; they turn a ‘gem’ stone (diamond) to an ordinary stone through a ‘political baptism’; they deceived thousands of former students of the August 18 ‘anti-junta’ protest at which many potential ladies were raped and others killed; they co-operated with irresponsible mining companies that abused our land, resources, and people in Kono district; and to say the least, turned Sierra Leone into a political club rather than a nation quoted under the ‘ONE COUNTRY, ONE PEOPLE slogan of the SLPP?

If she was never interested in commenting on the above issues I summarised, may I pivot her attention to the free health care initiative for our poor mothers and their infants; the infrastructural projects taking place in Freetown and provincial cities; the restructuring of our educational system to make us and the future generation competitive; and the liberalism of His Excellency to meet citizens of any class, status quo and background anywhere and at anytime.

I, like any patriotic and fanatic free political guru should put forward constructive complaints for our national interest. Sierra Leoneans have suffered unimaginably in the hands of bad political dispensation and a ‘senseless resource-cursed war’ in the hands of our own brothers. We need no more threats of violence from people with ultimate political agenda. Dr Thorpe was not the political mountain on SLLP’s way nor is His Excellency a threat to SLPP’s comeback. Dr Blyden should know that the threat to SLPP is the visionaries of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leoneans are no more cows to be driven away from their conscience for a cube of salt.

Long Live Sierra Leone. Long Live the PATRIOTS of Sierra Leone and Africa

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