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Sierra Leoneans , never short of  humor, even at the peak of their sufferings , had a new joke yesterday with which they greeted each other on the streets, in poda podas and taxis — “Wey me yone ress? “

The joke was spurred by what government officials trying to do damage control are  UNWITTINGLY calling  “A Slip of the Tongue”  by visiting Libyan Leader , Col. Muamer Ghaddaffi , but to the savvy public they believe that the revelation was  deliberately done by Ghaddaffi to show the Sierra Leonean people how much aid he has been pouring into the country. 

According to calls and letters to COCORIOKO  yesterday morning from many witnesses from different parts of the city , when the Libyan leader addressed thousands of Sierra Leoneans at the Brookfields National Stadium in Freetown on Tuesday, he mentioned that he had been providing tons of rice and petrol for Sierra Leoneans , as well as financial aid running into millions of dollars . Good effort by the much -maligned Libyan leader, but the trouble about it was  that  President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah did not  reported it  to the Sierra Leonean people  .
Ghaddaffi’s revelation sparked speculations about what the President did with the aid that he did not apparently report :  “What happened to all the rice and petrol ?”   “Where is the money ? ” . Soon, the news spread in the capital and humor-loving Sierra Leoneans are joking with each other : ” Wey me yone?  ” ( Where is mine ? Where is my share ? )
But not everybody is joking about it. Many Sierra Leoneans are really fuming. Some of them are saying that if there was ever any prooof that this government was corrupt and did not act in the interest of the people, this was it . One man was quoted as saying that Sierra Leoneans were too unserious to turn the whole thing into a joke .”This is something that the President should account for. Although he is on the verge of leaving, he must be made to account for everything he received from Ghaddaffi. “

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