PART 2 : SLPP starts brainwashing Sierra Leoneans and our international development partners for 2012 elections

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The opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) have  seriously started brainwashing Sierra Leoneans for next year’s elections. Realizing that they have no achievement or record to run on since all the socio-economic and political developments  in Sierra Leone were made by either the late President Siaka Stevens or the present Head of State Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma , the SLPP  have launched the first of the only two strategies they always employ to gain power in Sierra Leone–Lies/vile propaganda or military coups when they are not able to win elections.

Sierra Leoneans  should take very serious note of  the revelations made last week by the Publisher of Awareness Times, Dr.Sylvia Blyden, who has now proved that she will not support any party that does not go by the rules or civilized norms.   The ungrateful SLPP are now busy demonizing Dr.Blyden but why not ? She has added to the illustrious list of Sierra Leoneans who have realized that the SLPP is unprogressive, unproductive, tribalistic, bigoted and unpatriotic, the only thing that matters to the party being its own lust for self-gratification and perpetuating tribal and regional harmony. It is the SLPP’s way to demonize opponents and people who no longer tolerate their pseudo and corrupt politics.

Sierra Leoneans who think we are too hard on the SLPP must  also steal a page from the books of people like John Ernest Leigh, Lansana Fadika and Sylvia Blyden who once thought that the SLPP was a serious party but the moment they knew that the SLPP is nothing but a self-seeking , tribalistic, corrupt , venal and unpatriotic party , they came out openly to begin exposing the evils in the SLPP. If a former ambassador cannot swallow the truth, I say shame on you, sir.

Dr. Blyden wrote and I want Sierra Leoneans to take strong note  of this statement : “SLPP agents are trolling all over social media like Facebook with aliases and fake identities writing and attacking on behalf of the SLPP.  Some tactics are actually counterproductive and qualify for the description of despicable but others are admirable….However, APC’s online news outlets are far more on top of their game than those of the opposition SLPP which sadly thrive more on nasty personal attacks than attacking the issues….Still on the international media scene, the propaganda wallop of Ernest Bai Koroma by Julius Maada Bio in UK’s Guardian newspaper was masterful. It had blatant inaccuracies but the effect was to demean his opponent to British tax-payers.”

One only has to read these famous and instructive observations by Dr. Blyden to see the seriousness of the situation. This is coming from a brilliant and very intelligent citizen who once thought that the SLPP  had something good up its sleeves and frankly seemed to be fighting many of their battles, though she was quick to maintain  during those times that she was not an SLPP supporter. When you consider how passionately Sylvia Blyden often pursues a cause and the fact that whatever many of us may have  said about her during those days ( many erroneous )  , she is one of the most intelligent persons in the land who makes informed observations and  you know that this  is not a spur-of-the moment observation but something she had spent man -hours studying ! ! !

Dr. Blyden was spot on and rightly said that the SLPP zealots engaged in propaganda use counterproductive tactics that qualify for the despicable and that they thrive on nasty attacks. How True. She also said that the recent article written on behalf of the morally bankrupt Maada Bio in the British Guardian newspaper was meant to demean his opponent to the British taxpapers. What an accurate description of one of the strategies of the  SLPP. And it did not come from a pro-APC  journalist  ! ! ! It came from Sylvia Blyden who once fought for the party .

It is a disgrace to the SLPP that they cannot practice decent politics. The reason as we have said over and over is that the SLPP  does not have any record to run on. The SLPP  cannot point to one single development project in Sierra Leone that was accomplished by any of their governments. The SLPP Government of the 1960s and the Ahmad Tejan Kabbah goverment ( 1996-2007 ) achieved nothing concrete. If you see any beautiful building,  highway, structure or economic and social project in Sierra Leone, it was either constructed or launched by the Late Dr.Siaka Stevens or President Ernest Koroma.  If the SLPP  have any achievement to campaign on, they would have made our ears squalid hearing it touted over and over and over.

The SLPP’s stock-in-trade are  blatant inaccuracies and lies on one hand and military coups on the other. They believe that the only way they can win an election is by tarring the opponents black and defaming him to the international world. It is because of this that I have long resigned fronm online discussion forms, most of which are controlled by SLPP zealots .There are some SLPP  newspapers that I have stopped reading . Nor do I  respond  to any of their editors , even as evidence continue to pour in that one of them  in  London is a mere  diamba -smoking drunkard and wife- beater  who  wants to get  attention and recognition through me.  People tell me that he wants people to notice him through attacking me. I believed them because this is one obscure individual that nobody notices.  Solomon Sesay tells me that the reason he responds to the man is he wants the world to know how this former BBC Presenter is abusing his wife so that the authorities will intervene and save the woman’s life. As soon as I became wise to the fact that he wants to use my fame with Cocorioko  to gain the attention and prominence  he has never received I STOPPED  responding  to him . I have reached the height where puny men can no longer touch me or change people’s perception about me  ( By God’s grace ) .


If the SLPP paint their opponents black and it does not work, the next thing is to attempt a military coup or insurrection.  In 1967, when the APC defeated them in epic General Elections, the SLPP launched the first military coup ever in Sierra Leone . In the 1980s, the SLPP  launched the first guerilla warfare in Sierra Leone known as the NDORGBOWUSUI conflict. In 1992, SLPP operatives including their present presential candidate, Maada Bio, staged the NPRC Coup which overthrew the APC Government led by the late Gen. Joseph Momoh. If they had not been afraid that the UN and the international community would have intervened, the SLPP  would have attempted a coup after the APC defeated them again in 2007.

All the vicious propaganda  online and in the foreign media about Sierra Leone that threaten to  undo the rebranding work some of have done are being perpetuated by SLPP supporters. Once they are not in power, they do not care whatever damage they cause to the country. They do not care if investors and tourists stop coming to Sierra Leone. They do not care if  foreign aid stops coming. They are ready to strangulate the country , make everybody suffer and at the same time tarnish the country’s name beyond repairs .Once they are not in power, they do not care. It must be recalled also that it was the SLPP that brought the rebel war to Sierra Leone with the aim of overthrowing the then APC Government. For the SLPP,  it is power-for -power’s sake and they would care less if the whole country is razed to the ground. Their interest is not the nation but their party, tribe or region.


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