Francis Pa Santhikie Bangura, Acting Secretary General
APC North America
Walk the streets of Freetown or any major town in
Sierra Leone, you will be dazzled and baffled with the
Chameleon effect of the various party colors. It is
not uncommon to find SLPP agitators in public with
negative impressions of that party and its cohorts in
private. Freetown is especially attuned with the
impending regime change in pretty surreptitious ways.
One such way is for public servants and all those
under SLPP largesse to adapt to the inevitable change
by unorthodox camouflage of SLPP green party regalia –
for the benefit of keeping their livelihood. In
reality they are APC party voters! It is a very common
phenomena these days for people to encase themselves
in SLPP paraphernalia, only for “papi-show”. Scratched
beneath the surface you find pro-APC sentiments.
This will make APC victory all the more poignant as
well as shocking to SLPP diehards. Fact is people are
fed up with the status quo. And change will come with
the rise of the APC red sun in a land barren with life’s
basic necessities. Pipe-borne water, electricity, health 
and sanitation remains elusive. The All People’s Congress
under the dynamic leadership of Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma is 
the only viable alternative to the ruling clepto-SLPP regime.

In 36 months, that change would manifest itself into
demonstrable and substantive results. Visible and
viable results in sharp contrast to SLPP’s procedural,
pamphlet-only arm-chair oriented projects conceived in
bad faith and essentially doctored to justify donor
funds and thus placate donor suspicion. Results that
will change the lives of our country men and women
from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. We will see
a short, sharp Turn Around that will translate to
better public service delivery. The so far elusive
Feel Good Factor will finally hit town like the
biblical rapture envisaged in the scriptures.
Everyone will have a stake in transforming our country
from the water well (clepto-SLPP) era to the group of
civilized nations on the path of sustainable development.

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