Matthew Kamara inaugurated Second President of APC-USA Houston Chapter

APC-USA has inaugurated another Dynamic Leader, Mr. Mathew Kamara as the Second President of APC-USA Houston Chapter thumbnail

August 3, 2014, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. – In his energy, enthusiasm and resourcefulness to ensure that the All People’s Congress (APC-USA) branch achieved its utmost goal, the Interim Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara has just completed another swearing in ceremony to the executive of the APC-USA Houston Chapter, on August 2, 2014 with Reverend Florence Bangura as keynote speaker.

It is tradition in the APC-USA branch that an administration to man the affairs of any chapter under the branch in the United States should take an oath of office and agreed upon the importance of ensuring that officials promised their allegiance. This oath binds them to perform their duties in good faith as it is spelt in the branch bylaws.

The former APC Secretary General, Mr. E.T. Kamara and former Ambassador to the Gambia, Mr. Patrick Ojong were among the highest dignitaries witnessed the occasion. A cross section of the branch executive and few other chapter presidents mustered all their courage to witness the inauguration of Major Rtd. Mathew Kamara. The APC-USA series of inaugural ceremonies on its chapters is a sign of our democracy’s health that Sierra Leoneans are continue to move by the peaceful, lawful transfer of power in any way outside or in the country.

The event was rightfully an occasion provides an opportunity to have Sierra Leoneans gathered to acknowledge and offer prayers about the deadly Ebola virus disease that is ravaging in the country and across the Manor River Union (MRU) member states. Despite the event was designed to be a political function, however, I saw a wave of patriotism and emotional attachment on every attendee about the Ebola disease that is seriously affecting our nations. Almost every speaker including the SLPP leader in Houston attuned to the prevailing circumstances.

Keynote speaker, Rev. Mrs. Florence Bangura

The keynote speaker’s speech represents an administration’s absorption into a social and political milieu isolated from the people who do not perceive the greater effort of President Ernest Koroma’s administration in development.

In her passionate interest in life to see that the APC party always be victorious, Reverend Florence Bangura first of accepted to deliver a keynote address with a view to dish out a message to members of her party about political frame orientation and educational leadership skills. It was also an opportunity for her to remind Sierra Leoneans about the concept of patriotism and nationalism.

She extolled president Koroma and appealed to citizens to emulate his spirit of patriotism, saying that the agenda for propensity can only succeed if only every Sierra Leonean put aside petty differences and uphold the spirit of patriotism. She believes that President Ernest Koroma has special qualities that distinguish him from the past leaders because of the president’s genuine intention to change Sierra Leone and its citizens. She said, the president has a gild and an intense patriotism combined with enthusiastic devotion to the cause of Sierra Leone.

Addressing the newly inaugurated executive, Mrs. Bangura advised the new chapter president, Mr. Mathew Kamara, to develop a useful model of humility by trying to understand the ambiguity and complexity that influences the behavior of his organization. The president should bear in mind that a political organization is different from a social club which does not have any allegiance, she said.

The keynote speaker believed that Mr. Mathew Kamara is seen as a person who is responsible, trusted, and consistent capable of handling huge responsibilities. But for the president to succeed in his ambitions and aspirations she said, the executive and the entire membership of the Houston chapter should therefore ready to exemplify integrity and willingness to make sacrifices for the good of the party they represent and the country as a whole. She noted, “Today under sagacious and indomitable leadership of President Ernest Koroma, Sierra Leone is experiencing great strides in all facets of national development.

Revrend Mrs. Bangura went to remind her audience about the good works of the founding fathers of the APC party and said, “Let us continue to uphold the lofty ideals and principles which our party’s founding fathers has bequeathed to us and so faithfully protected by their foot soldiers like my father, Honorable E.T.Kamara, Musa Gendemeh, A.B.S. Janneh, S.A.T.Koroma, Haja Dankay Kabia and madam Mabinty Koroma only to name a few.” She tribute to all the deceased Sierra Leoneans by asking everyone in the hotel Preet hall to stand up and offer a moment of silence in remembering the past ones.

The Ebola saga warranted the keynote speaker to shorten her speech and focuses on drawing attention to the prevailing epidemic. She advised her audience that the Ebola disease that is currently plaguing the country should be a greater concern to every patriotic Sierra Leonean. Therefore, Reverend Bangura advised all Sierra Leoneans to avoid politicizing this deadly disease cause for a political gain. An attempt by anyone to politicize this national health emergency should be regarded as unpatriotic act and disservice to the nation, she said. We should move to our tradition of peace and love and try to perpetuate the principles of patriotism, she went on.

Major Rtd. Mathew Kamara

In his inaugural address, the retired Major Mathew Kamara expresses that taking an oath of office as president of the APC-USA branch chapter in Texas is a solemn occasion; therefore, his responsibility of directing the affairs of this great order is never to be lightly undertaken. He said, I am fully aware of the magnitude of the responsibly of the office, and as an experience military man, I am alert to the duty I owe the members of this proud political organization.

Mr. Kamara believe that president Koroma is the ambassador and developer of positive change in our country. Under the president’s wise, fearless, and strong-hearted leadership skills, we continue to see developments in all areas of life in Sierra Leone. He also went on to say that the APC party believes in inclusiveness and it is a party for the grassroots people. He ascertained that his leadership will uphold the challenges of building relationships with all party stalwarts and continue to work for a lasting peace in the APC-USA branch. “Together we can foster and promote ideals and aspirations of our president in his indefatigable effort to develop Sierra Leone” he added.

Mr. Kamara confidently asserts that there is no turning back to the old days where our people continue to live in poverty and with the lowest standard of living as compared to many developing countries in the world. He said, Sierra Leone is rapidly growing in development, but warn the cynics and detractors to know that nothing will stop the wind of change for the development under the leadership of President Ernest Koroma.

The inauguration offer series of events including awards and cultural dance. Among the awardees were some SLPP members for being with them as one Sierra Leone in the diaspora. The Tegloma, leader Mrs. Josephine Miller despite being a strong SLPP member was also conferred a certificate of recognition.

Mathew Kamara dancing to the inaugural podium

APC USA Awards

APC USA Awards

It was a night of festivity seeing different nationalities observing and understanding our cultural richness displayed in a diverse way. Since cultural dance with devils permeates Sierra Leoneans, the Houston chapter invited the most famous Texas paddle and Gorboi to perform right after the inaugural ceremony. The performance of the two devils leaves the attendees especially the foreign nationals with awestruck. It is an indication that our cultural heritage can brings us together and reveal a complex diversity of our socio-political purposes.

There is going to be a similar event leading to an inauguration of Tegloma president in which the keynote speaker, Reverend Florence Bangura was also invited. A huge cultural activity will be displayed on that day, August 9th.

Stay tuned for the speeches of the keynote speaker and the president of APC Houston chapter.

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