More allegations against Sierra Leone Chief Minister in Chinese rice scandal

By Idrissa Salaam Conteh

More Revelations About the Chinese Rice Theft Sandal!

After thorough investigations from various credible sources, we’ve gathered the following pieces of information so far about what has become as the Chinese rice theft scandal:


The Chinese Government donated 50,000 bags of rice to the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Basic Education then headed by Alpha Timbo.

The rice was stored in a store at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay in October 2019.

Only the Chief Minister Dr David Francis  has the authority to sign waivers for the release of non taxable goods coming into the country. He signed the waiver for the 50,000 bags of rice.

One thousand bags of rice were released on the order of the Chief Minister for distribution to schools.

The Chief Minister sold 30,000 bags of rice to the Commodity Trading Company (CTC) at Kissy Shell, New Road, according to statements attributed to the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister has been quoted as saying that the proceeds of the rice will be used to buy a bus for Kambui Eagles of Kenema. He was under pressure from the team which he had promised a brand new bus.

The funds for the rice have been sent to China for the bus which is due to arrive in Freetown in March 2020.

Statements attributed to the Chief Minister say he promises to refund the the money but without stating any specific date.

The Ministry of Education officials led by Alpha Timbo who have been sacked in connection with the rice theft scandal reportedly sold most of the remaining 9000 bags to traders and kept a few hundred bags at home for themselves.

The balance of 10,000 bags of rice is what is available for distribution.

Details regarding the Chinese rice theft scandal have been registered by the ACC and the CID from Genesis to Revelations but the Chief Minister is the President’s blue-eyed. So, he cannot be touched.

The Chief Minister has reportedly confirmed his role in the rice saga with a promise to pay back. What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander.

The actual amount of rice distributed to schools didn’t make up 10% of the total quantity of rice donated.

Sierra Leone is a dog eats dog society where the poor masses are kept in total squalor!

Millicent Boroma Kamara CTC is an importer of rice.The biggest I think in the country.Chief minister has done what no one in the country will dear do to its citizens yet the anti corruption has not taken actions they just got rid of some Timbo who is not one of their kind.

Ibrahim Kargbo These S l P P guys are they rat, that they should not hear about rice they would steal it. It happens in d late pa kabba administration and now Madaa Bio administration. It is not a surprise to some of us as we know S L P P is a Thief party, so are d other parties. May God help us in mama Sa lone.

Moses Ben Kanu The chief Minister playing a role bidding top political figures behind the scenes. President Bio is well known all the world for robbing Peter to pay Paul . There is no hidden secret that this slpp Bio money laundering cartel government are a group of nation wreckers. But in 2023 They will chased out of Sierra Leone as the democratic will of the people will prevail.
President Bio is not a leader for SIERRA LEONE but running a cartel government

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