Only a cowardly President threatens citizens with bullets

Only a Cowardly President Threatens Citizens with Bullets

By Abdul Bero Kamara ( Chief)

The recent statement made by President Bio, warning that any citizen who brings a bullet will be met with a bullet, has sparked outrage and concern among the people of Sierra Leone. Many view this threat as not only cowardly but also indicative of a leader who does not have the best of his country at heart.

True leadership is not about instilling fear or threats among the citizens, but rather it is about striving to bring people together, even those who may be the most vocal. A real leader understands the importance of unity and harmony within a nation. Instead of resorting to divisive tactics, they work towards bridging gaps and finding common ground.

Ultimately, true leaders lead by example, demonstrating empathy, integrity, and a commitment to the greater good. They understand that true strength lies in unity, and they strive to bring people together, even in the face of adversity By prioritizing unity over division, they can build a stronger, more resilient society for all

President Bio should understand that he has a responsibility to foster unity and understanding among the people, including both the APC party and not sow seeds of division and fear.

The majority of Sierra Leoneans believe in the power of the ballot box as a means of expressing their democratic rights, because the scars left by the devastating civil war that plagued the country for eleven years serve as a stark reminder of the horrors of conflict.

War has never been a solution to any country’s problems, and a leader who truly cares for their people will strive to bring them together, even those who may be his staunchest critics.

The current behaviour of President Bio is troubling to many, as it reflects a lack of empathy and a disregard for the principles of peace and reconciliation that are essential for the progress of Sierra Leone.

In conclusion, a leader who resorts to threats and intimidation towards his citizens is not fit to lead a nation towards prosperity and unity.

Sierra Leone deserves a president who values the voices of the people and works tirelessly to build a future based on peace, cooperation, and respect for human rights.

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