Opposition, where are you ?

Opposition! Where are you?

…as the case may seem, “Sierra Leone; The mute Politicians!”
Mohamed 91 Sesay.

It is hard to say but certainly true that the main opposition party in Sierra Leone has indeed lost its voice to “opposition vigilantes” or “boys in the hood politicians” who now actively play the role of opposition and therefore, one would brand the elected members of parliament who are a government in waiting, as “The Mute Politicians”.




But please readers before you navigate my carousel, I suggest you read my article and draw cognisance to the following points:

1) “The Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable to the public.”
True or false, readers?

2) “It’s also really important that the leader keeps a close eye and ear on what the public is saying, needs and wants – because problems are often caused by the Government not delivering.”
True or false, readers?

The Issue:
The opposition’s silence has created a vacuum for members of the public now known as ” vigilantes opposition” or “boys in the hood politicians” to take centre stage to attack government policies which may not be a bad thing considering the “freedom of expression right”; whereby the citizens of any nation must be allowed to freely express their critical or supportive views in any working democracy.

“Criticism or opposition”. You please tell me.

So how politically matured and factually equipped is the “opposition vigilantes” or “boys in the hood politicians” in respect of wearing the shoes of our elected opposition MPs in Parliament?:

1) criticism should be constructive and called to book (Parliamentary codes and guidelines should apply).
2)throughly researched. Present facts for parliament to debate issues (invite government officials for questioning).
3) criticism is counter-productive unless it provides alternative to the idea or activities it is opposed to (if not X, what would it be)?

It is obvious our “opposition vigilantes” can not step into the shoes of those constitutionally mandated to do the job. Not to mention “boys in the hood politicians”.

Problems with these “boys in the hood politicians” range from disaster to destruction:

How can any sensible opposition demand from the international community not to give aid to Sierra Leone. A developing nation which runs its key operations via foreign aid?

Owing to the fact that Sierra Leone’s decade long civil war is a dark chapter for those affected and effected; and now the Ebola epidemic; why do we still have elements who threaten war or a return to war as a response tool to government policies they are opposed to?

Personal attack is the new politics of the day. My lecturers told me politics is all about government policies. But I do not know which books suggest otherwise, especially some Sierra Leoneans attacking fellow citizens (brithers and sisters) with venom once they do not share similar political proclivity. Referenceing “repulsion hypothesis”! (Please refer for further research).

It won’t surprise me if I get lampooned and lambasted for this article, even though I am only expressing my opinion like any other tax payer and peaceful citizen of Sierra Leone.

Yes; we have a government that listens to its people:

Firstly; I call this a government that listens when President EBK authorised the auditor general to investigate the missing Ebola funds (members of both SLPP and APC included in the scandal).

Also, I call this a government that listens when ACC responded to the cries of the few that the procurement process of the 100 buses may have been flouted.
Again, this government listened and responded to comutters transportation constraints by procurring 100 brand new busses.
Furthermore, this government has yielded to the sufferings of its people when it embarked on development initiatives as a response to social injustice. To include good roads, education, health, jobs etc. well others may disagree but I agree and we both have right to support or criticize. Please just don’t tell me I do not have any right to support what I deem good for me as a citizen.

To conclude, as much as it is not a bad thing to express our views, it is also not a bad thing to learn how to table these criticism so that one can learn from it as constructive for the good of our country, Sierra Leone.

Our parliamentarians in the opposition are now very silent “mute politicians” because they probably may have ran out of ideas. Or they may not be seeing things at the same end. Or they may be very divided for personal reasons such as issues to do with Flag bearer ship. Or “boys in the hood politicians” are intimidating them in their job and as such they are now saying; “hold-on let’s leave them to it so they can embarrass themselves on duties they were never constitutionally mandated to do”. etc.

Our duty to our country is a reality we must all wake up to. Therefore lets us all encourage the elected MPs to do their job and ignore the “boys in the hood politicians” as an opposition voice, unless in the capacity to excercise the “freedom of expression right”.

Salone na we yone bizness…nor vex if ar express me views.

Please note:
1) “Boys in the hood politicians”. Are those mammy cuss cuss politicians who shameless exhibit crude political intimidation tactics to fellow Sierra Leoneans.

2) “vigilantes opposition”. Are those who had to step-in to oppose where those mandated (opposition MPs) fail to do so. They are often polite and engage others with civility.

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