Sierra Leoneans should appreciate APC Government’s development projects


When all is said and done, the truth of the matter is that the Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma has brought many valuable and important socio-economic and political development projects to Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone is systematically developing one of the best infrastructural networks in Africa during the reign of President Koroma, who in eight years has transformed our nation from a stone-age country with disgraceful infrastructure to a nation that is close to being considered one of the impressively developing  countries in Africa.

Our road network is advancing to the point where commerce , tourism and the quality of life of the people will get a tremendous impetus to the marvel of the outside world.

The Mammah International Airport  and the Sulima jetty projects would soon kickoff in full swing.

Whatever the problems surrounding them presently, the 100 buses imported by government will play a great role in easing the transportation problems in the country. The APC Government has flooded the nation with buses and this big achievement should be appreciated by Sierra Leoneans.

We appreciate the efforts of the Anti-Corruption Commission ( ACC ) to ensure that proper procurement procedures were followed in the purchase of the buses. The fact that the ACC  has intervened in the matter demonstrates the transparency and accountability that dictate the operations of the APC Government. Sierra Leoneans should take consolation from the fact that the ACC would not have waded into the issue if it did not have the support of President Koroma , who cares very much about transparency and accountability. If this government delights in hoodwinking the populace, there is no way that the ACC and Parliament would have been  so active in ensuring the proper disbursement and use of the country’s money.

As a nation, we should be grateful that our instruments of transparency and accountability have not been politicized and rendered impotent.

Yet, Sierra Leoneans place a disproportionate interest in bashing this government than appreciating its efforts. We do not want to establish ourselves as a nation that delights only in grumbling and complaining and not appreciating any good thing. We must not buy into every vicious propaganda the opposition SLPP  mount against the government, because as far as the SLPP are concerned, nothing good should be said about this government, even when it does well. The SLPP is jealous of the APC’s achievements and will seek every opportunity to pour mud in the pie .

President Ernest Koroma cannot do it all. This is what everybody should understand. Nobody ever does it all . What he is doing however is laying the foundation and creating the framework for a better, more developed and magnificent Sierra Leone, much more than any other president has ever done in our country .He is providing his own quota of national development .

If another development-oriented President takes over and diligently continues where President Koroma stops when his term expires, then we will have a Sierra Leone that has continued to develop and  maintained the momentum of national development created by the President .

That is how great nations are built. Rome was not built in a day.

But one of the most important steps in nation-building  is appreciating that the Government is really doing well with its development projects , and discovering where we too can blend in to provide our own quota, not just be arm-chair critics . After all, these projects are meant for everybody and will be  enjoyed by all , regardless of tribe, region or party affiliation.

Let us give praise where praise is due and stop being perpetual grumblers and complainers . While we have a right to complain when things go wrong, we should likewise applaud when things go right.













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