Personality conflicts could be a barrier to APC’s 2023 elections victory

By Tony Bee, Australia

Be it in governance process or at a political party level, where there is superiority conflict, there will be no progress in that society. The reason being, everyone will always feel more important than the others.

So APCians, if you are not coming to gather as a TRUE family for the success of the party, because of personality conflict or personal vendetta, the road to Port Loko will be rugged and the way to 2023 elections wining will be very narrow.

Therefore, it is time for all APCians to put aside their ranks and file for the sake of wining the elections come to 2013. The fact is that the APC party is currently in the wildness. In trying to come out from such a vandal and barbaric forest, there should be no room for self-seeking interest or too much of I know it all.

In view of that whether one likes it or not what the APC as a party needs at this trying time is peace and unity. if you are to win 2023 general election. As a result, inclusion should be the healing key process in the minds of all peace oriented APCians. Therefore, go out and seek for the lost members.

It is an open secret that some of them want to come on board, but they are ashamed to come on their own because of their political chameleon behaviour. Despite the party cannot force members to come on board. But those who may be willing to join the APC electronic train for 2023 election wining let them come now.

Therefore, it is no longer a matter of I owned the APC, my mother owns the APC, my grand mother was the founder of the APC, my grand dad was the founder of the APC and my great, great grandparents were the founders of the APC party, so I knows it all. Therefore, if not me or if not, my contribution nothing will move forward.

Please APCians let there be NO room for the above attitudes and no room for “ar sabi, bok pas u business lek wi naber dem wae den dae brag say den sabi bok pas alman”.  (I am more educated than others. So, I know everything).

As such we are calling on those APCians who still believe in the philosophy of wait and see while others are currently struggling in the fight for the survive of the party to come and join the APC 2023 wagon. They should now come down from their fence and comfort zones to join the battle in good faith.

What I am really trying to draw the attention of the mighty APC supporters, especially the APC senior politicians, is about the current APC party draft constitution that tend to be a problem again to others. IF we really accept the philosophy that there is no perfection in humanity. I see no good reason why the already draft party constitution should be an issue to orders. For the fact that no human being is perfect. In view of that we are always prone to mistakes.

That is why any constitution in the world, especially written constitution like ours is always subject to amendment as time goes by. Particularly since the human beings that wrote it were not perfect in nature, it is always available for amendment when necessary.

That was why when some APCians saw the Clause “Election” as an abuse clause to the rights of others they asked for amendment. As such it was removed from the constitution and it was replaced with “Consultation”. And the Clause “consultation” again it was challenged by others. However, because of PEACE and for the coexistence of APC members as a family, it was also been removed.

Nonetheless, I don’t want to dwell much on the merit and demerit of the two Clauses because their issues have already been laid to rest. But what I would like all APCians to know, especially those who considered themselves to be the party elites is that any house has doors and windows for the going in and out of the owners and for ventilations. And there is also an exit door or point, especially in the offices. Such exit doors or points they are hardly in use. They can only use it when necessary, particularly when there is an emergency.

So, if you build a house or office without doors, windows (constitution) and exit point for emergency, because of greediness, hate, jealousy, bad heart and envious spirit, if there is fire in the house or office, where are you going to pass to escape from the fire or if there is an attack by the enemies, what will you do to survive the attack? APCians beware.

Bok man en-bok woman dem be careful.  No one knows everything on earth, especially at a go. Therefore, anything you do, think about tomorrow. What you may throw away today, you might need it tomorrow. Let hatred, jealousy and bad heart don’t be a stumbled block for the party wining of 2023 elections.

“Too much sense dae bos troses”. (Sometimes too much sense will disturb progress in a society). Please allow the adoption of the new constitution to go ahead as planned without a bottle neck or too much of bottle neck (s) to avoid the pathway to 2023 elections wining to become rugged.

Else you will continue to pick bones from the constitution until the end of 2023, because it will never be perfectly done as one may want it to be. If it is written by man. So please comrade APCians, let selfish egos don’t disturb the wining process of 2023 election. It is easier to criticise than to initiate and implement or praise. I rest my case to God.

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