On behalf of the general membership of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change in the United States of America, I hereby inform Sierra Leoneans and the world that this region will be participating in the most democratic process that leads to the election of the USA National Executive Committee (NEC) on Saturday, May 27th, 2006 in the Washington D.C. Metro area.


This process which is intended to end by the aforementioned date has been in the works for well over four months. It is considered to be the most democratic process that will take place in the life of PMDC as of now. Committed PMDC members here in the United States had spent sleepless nights in putting plans together to make this electioneering process feasible. Among the fifty states of the United States, almost each state will be sending in delegates to this conference in Washington D.C. to participate directly as a deliberator, voter, or nominee.


More than ten national teleconferences were held here in the United States among members in an effort to properly and inclusively put strategies together to guide the election process of the PMDC USA Region executives. With the abundance of professionals among us, the legal minds of PMDC here in the United States worked with the general membership to put together bye-laws and other policies to guide the membership whilst they participate in the election process. As tolerant as all the members are, constructive criticisms were done against each other with one goal in mind: to put a formidable executive together here in the United States that will set the brightest example of the realities and benefits of democracy.


All PMDC members in the USA, being fully aware of their presence in a country that is considered as the world’s best democracy have aspired to create an atmosphere where all Sierra Leoneans both in Sierra Leone and in the Diaspora will take advantage of the great benefits of democracy to provide a surgical approach to the problems of Sierra Leone. Prior to the election of the NEC officials, several topics have been identified for discussion – among which will be an exclusive documentary on the realities of present day Sierra Leone beginning from Sani Abacha Street, through Shaka Stevens Street, Goderich Street, Cline town, the ferry terminal and the Lungi International Airport. Also to feature is a bitter argument between a local carpenter (who declared support for PMDC) and spiritualists (remained indecisive) who were traveling from Freetown to Bo via the government bus; and who were recorded uncensored by a clandestine PMDC camera crew with the aim of getting the facts from the grassroots about the state of affairs in Sierra Leone.


This documentary will prove to the PMDC membership and other observers that the average Sierra Leonean is frustrated with the political and developmental trend Sierra Leone is heading towards. Delegates will begin to arrive in Washington D.C. on Friday, May 26th, 2006 for familiarization with each other and for further planning. The print and electronic media will cover the convention. Reports will be posted after the convention.


Ibrahim Sheriff

Interim Secretary General

PMDC Delaware Valley Chapter

Pennsylvania, USA


Assistant Secretary General


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