President Ernest Koroma’s Agenda For Prosperity is a reality

 By Dr. Augustine Kamara :

As we move on with, prosperity in Sierra Leone it appears the rate of development is faster than the naked eye can see. Yes it is true that hard times are banging every corner of Sierra Leone, the truth of the matter is hard times are now a global phenomenon. However one thing is certain, the government of President Koroma is focused in fulfilling its promise to the nation. The president and his able ministers are bent on providing basic amenities like water and electricity for the nation. It is unbelievable the president is such a busy man and have so much in his plate to do for both national and international issues, that one wonders where he possess the energy to attend to all the issues , so are his able task force ministers.

Unemployment is a big problem but has been drastically handled by the government, and most of the youths have developed a self-help mechanism by being self employed and are making gains as ‘Okada riders, construction workers and mining labor force.

It is easy to blame the government now for not doing enough but when things that are happening in the prosperity agenda are finally visible then the unbelieving Thomases will swallow their words or blame game

Solar Street Lights in Port Loko Town

As a brief testimony, I witnessed the inspection made by H.E. President Koroma at the Port Loko district where the solar energy was at display lighting not only the streets of Port Loko town but bringing new life and hope of progress to the inhabitants of the Port Loko town after a long time of darkness and hopeless for any progress. The president Dr. Ernest Koroma paid tribute to the late vice president S.I. Koroma and late honorable minister S.A.T Koroma both he referred to as mentors and motivators for his political ideologies. The president used the occasion to consolidate divisiveness that seems to undermine the strength of the A.P.C. party. In the presence of cabinet ministers like the minister of energy the honorable, Robin Coker, deputy minister of energy honorable Martin Bash Kamara ,both ministers of political affairs, the honorable Alhaji Alpha Sahid  Kanu who doubles as information minister, and the honorable Kemoh Sesay; including elders  of the Port Loko district Dr. Sheku Kamara, chairman of the chairmen Yahya  Deen Kamara the hosting member of parliament Alhaji Dumbuya and chiefs from and around the Port Loko district, President Koroma urged the elders of the community to work out modalities for Port Loko politicians to work amicably for peace and prosperity. The president rounded his visit by inspecting the Bankasoka dam currently under construction by the Chinese, estimated to add two mega watts to the energy supply of Port Loko.


The president was also seen officiating a fund raising program at Makeni. He was energized as ever preaching peace and progress for the nation. I was fortunate to see road construction in full force for the Makeni- Kabala road. On arrival at Kabala one could see water borne pipes are under construction for the entire town.  Lunsar town is also undergoing construction for water borne pipe and solar energy poles. While kailahun is already alight, Magburaka is all paved. I guess construction of the new airport at MA MAMA will soon commence. The facelift of the Lungi airport is a big plus for prosperity that would make every Sierra Leonean to be proud of.

Magburaka town is completely paved

It is however disheartening to hear comments from detractors that mama Salone should go backwards to our ugly past. Fellow Sierra Leoneans let us wish ourselves well and work towards a better mama Salone. Bravo president Koroma and ministers of government keep the flame of prosperity burning never feel discourage and god bless SALONE


Lunsar towards development, Highway in improved condition

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