President Koroma to change the Freetown skyline with skyscraper-like Freetown City Council Complex.

Another monumental legacy of President Ernest Koroma and the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC )  will be the skyscraper-like new Freetown City Council Complex, which will change the Freetown skyline when it is completed.The fifteen floor building complex to be constructed was secured by a $54million concessionary loan facility from Korea Eximbank in December 2013 and would comprise an Auditorium, car parking facilities together with office and residential units.



The Sierra Leone Embassy in Korea reports that “His Excellency Ambassador Omrie Golley ….indicated that the Project was a clear manifestation of the commitment of the Government of Sierra Leone headed by His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma to the national development aspirations of the people of Sierra Leone. He added that the Building when completed would also be a lasting symbol depicting the excellent bilateral relationship and goodwill between the Governments and peoples of the Republics of Sierra Leone and Korea. ”

The Ambassador could not have said it any better. Once again, we see the commitment of President Koroma and his government in the national development strides of our nation, another reason that he will forever be remembered and for which the nation will remain proud of him, never mind the propaganda being mounted against him by sour-grapes -eating  and despicable elements in the diaspora who do not want to see progress in their country because their unprogressive, and strife-torn party is not in power.

But Sierra Leoneans see all the developments and that is why they love him.

The love that Sierra Leoneans have for President Koroma for what he is doing for the nation is demonstrated  whenever  he steps out into  the street . The people virtually overwhelm him with cheers, hugs and handshakes. The people see and know that there are challenges but also they see a president committed to his desire AND TASK  to develop the country.

Whenever the APC  is in power, these are the progress you see in Sierra Leone  , socio-economically and politically. Before President Koroma came to power in 2007, all the infrastructural developments that were  worth talking about in Sierra Leone were completed during the APC  era of the late President Siaka Stevens. President Koroma has not only continued where President Stevens stopped  but has surpassed him and other presidents since Independence by a very wide stretch. This is the truth, nothing but the truth and only the truth , and only men and women of perverted and depraved minds will deny it , since the monuments are there for all to see.

We  received good news yesterday not only about the new FCC Complex. We received refreshing news also that the Chinese have handed over the Charlotte Mini-Dam to the government. We also learnt from Platinum Media that “The Ministry of Energy has also earlier discussed an agreement for the 160 Megawatts expansion of the Bekongor/Dodo Hydro Electric Project in the Eastern Region. According to the agreement, the project will be completed in 35 months and would be tied to a multi million dollar transmission network improvement project for Bo and Kenema.”

We as a newspaper do not need to justify ourselves for highlighting and commending the great work being done in Sierra Leone by President Ernest Koroma. If blind and ignorant men and women cannot see for themselves all these development projects by President Koroma, we cannot help them. As for us, we will continue to highlight them , whatever the costs , without fear or favour, because we love our nation and want to see it progress.

The hope of every true Sierra Leonean is that we  maintain well the hospitals, clinics, malls , schools, farms, bridges, dams  and first class highways that President Koroma will leave as his enduring legacy. In so doing we will not only be preserving national development but we will also be demonstrating our appreciation for what the President has done for our beloved country.



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