Rebranding our much- cherished moral values and self-respect

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The sudden appearance of pornographic movies on the streets  in Sierra Leone presents a worrying sign to authorities already concerned about  the depths the society is sinking in sexual immorality . A country that was built on sound Christian principles now finds herself  mired in the depressing depths of lewdness, lasciviousness , looseness , sexual depravity and debauchery. At a time when the rebranding of Sierra Leone is gaining pace, the present development is a blow to our long-cherished moral values. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.

The alarming rate at which the rape and defilement of young girls in Sierra Leone has escalated since the war is  unacceptable .We cannot build a strong, prosperous, progressive and productive nation if the moral fibre of the country is debased by deeds that leave us ashamed of ourselves . The authorities should do everything it takes to stop the proliferation of pornographic movies in the country.

We endorse the views expressed yesterday by the Honourable Minister of Information and Communication, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo who regarded “The widespread sales and viewing of pornographic videos in the country… as an unacceptable attitude .” ( Awareness Times report ). Sierra Leone is already steeped in  other daunting social challenges like indolence, lethargy, a  lack of the sense of responsibility and self-pride , dishonesty and unpatriotism  and we cannot afford a hedonistic society where young and precious minds are exposed to mind-bending  and harmful pornographic movies that have the capacity to destroy the moral foundation parents, guardians, schools and religious institutions have spent generations to establish.
As a newspaper, we think that , apart from the war, which destroyed the traditional family and all instruments of moral education, strong negative influences from cultures alien to our own  are to blame for the moral looseness and sexual promiscuity trying to gain a foothold in our society. In this regard, we call on the relevant authorities responsible for ensuring compliance with our moral values to do something immediately to ban obnoxious magazines, books and films being imported into the country. Strong fines and other sanctions should be imposed on those who import these films and literature into the country.

It is a fact that pornography and lewd literature are no  longer strangers in a society that nurtured its young to exercise the highest form of moral discretion in sexual matters.  The bad influence of these pornographic movies and literature is seen in the loose and lewd manner our femalefolk  dress with skimpy garments so recklessly worn that cleavage and private body parts are immorally exposed.  This kind of public adornment is contrary to the moral tone of our once-conservative and God-fearing society. When women do not cover their  private body parts, they lay themselves bare to depraved men who rape and ravish them , though these reprobates  have no excuse for such  recourse.  Women who walk  the streets or show up at work  half-naked should be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

We also call on our celebrities , especially our musicians , to become praise-worthy role models for our youth and other young persons in our society. The idea of recording sexual trysts on cellphones and other media and having them mass-produced by unscrupulous persons and distributed in the country is shameful, disgraceful and harmful and should be stamped out by our authorities. Celebrities who try to impeach the moral foundation of society should , apart from being stigmatized , be arrested and charged to court for promoting lewdness and endangering the moral welfare of the young ones.

If we must rebrand Sierra Leone and restore our nation’s hard-earned pride,  respect and prestige , we have to crack down hard on this latest  menance in our society. The strong and uncompromisable Christian foundation on which the fabric of our nation was built must be defended at all costs. .

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  • Staphay says:

    why do sierra leone journalists like you in particular use big grammer all the time. Have you ever travel to developed nations like the US and Britain and read one of their news papers, the englisgh is simple and easy to undertand. remember that you guys are writing for the ordinary reader not your university professor. Please I know sometime africa journalists have the tedency to impress their readers, but please remember that majority of your readers cannot understand the actual meaning of this big words. am saying this because I live in the UK and I can tell you even readers with basic education can read and understood the content of the article. to conclude please stop the big english

  • Rev Wilfred Showers says:

    “Rebranding our much- needed moral vaues ” should be the heart beat of every right thinking Siera Leoneans at this point in time.Our present society today have become so increasingly influenced by sexual immorality and prosmiscuity to the extent that we as parents, as teachers and religious leaders have failed woefully to come terms and address these issuies most aggressively. our failure to do so have made matters worst for our present generation. In the height of some many christian faith and other related reiligion like the muslim faith it is ironical that our core values should now be replaced by immorality and sexual promiscous act of this magnitude. I am appealing to the religious leaders of both faiths , to step out from their comfort zones and occupy their various pulpits to address these issues that are now seem to go out of control at once. Our moral and core values in days gone bye were the hallmarks that help to transform our counrty Sierra Leone to be branded as “The athens of africa” and our university as “the citadel of learning”. Let us continue to applaud the effort of the minister of information and help him out with solutions to address these issues.Our founding fathers who have fought relentlessly to preserve our much -cherished core values and passed them on to us must not be eroded and trampled with the now so called right of doing what ever we like to do in a free society. A society that does regard its moral and core values is a failed society.

  • Isatu Konteh says:

    Chris bull have broken many married homes stay quiet now and learnt a lesson you are really a mess in sierra leone

  • Slim says:

    “A country that was built on sound Christian principles”. Really. I am sure you will get more than a few argument from the Muslims who form a substantial portion of the populace.

    “we call on the relevant authorities responsible for ensuring compliance with our moral values to do something immediately to ban obnoxious magazines, books and films being imported into the country. ” How do you do that and ENFORCE IT in a pathologically CORRUPT society that is still struggling to provide pressing BASIC necessities such as electricity , clean water , a square meal a day, access to medical facilities to name a just a few.

    ” When women do not cover their private body parts, they lay themselves bare to depraved men who rape and ravish them ” As usual,blame the woman.

    “Women who walk the streets or show up at work half-naked should be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. ”
    You cannot be serious here. Now women should be arrested because you or government does not approve of the way they dress.Are you implying the police do not have anything better to do with their time but walk around looking for women who do not meet a certain dress code defined by who? Government, the pastor or the imam?
    Nobody is suggesting this trend does not deserve our attention but my belief is that it is merely a SYMPTOM of something larger that needs to be addressed at its core for any meaningful change to occur for the better.

  • Bambay Lans Kamara says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to respond to the topic “Rebranding our much- cherished moral values and self-respect.” But before I do, I would call your attention to certain opinions of different people. ‘
    It is opined that ‘Nudity can provoke mass hysteria within self-proclaimed (civilized) civilised societies, for example Janet Jackson’s infamous breast-baring ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at 2004’s Super Bowl, which threatened to destroy her reputation and resulted in a five-second delay for ‘live’ telecasts on broadcast station ABC.”

    In another opinion, “Original Sin, Immorality and Savagery” it is stated that “Public condemnation of nudity may be because of its many negative connotations, including that of sex and immorality, which is deeply rooted in the biblical tale of Adam and Eve’s Fall from Grace. After partaking the forbidden apple, the pair realised (realized) that their naked bodies were shameful and should be covered up, and in doing so lost their innocence, never to be regained.”
    “Barcan argued that nudists are able to experience this Paradise not only in a somnambulant state – shedding clothes is liberation from self-consciousness, the ultimate psychological freedom. Nudists do not view being without clothes as being exposed; to them, it is a return to their original state, connoting a child-like innocence as all humans are born naked. In the words of Berger, “To be naked is to be oneself…without disguise.”

    In our writers observation on the said topic, he or she stated that “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people,” which I presume is a biblical quotation.
    Though I have tried harder to resist the temptation to respond to this topic yet, I cannot because of what I feel is wrong or right about it, especially, some of the writer’s prescription for control of the sale of pornographic movies, the manner in which women dress and the claim that the sale of such products or manner of dressing “will expose youths to mind-bending and harmful pornographic movies that have the capacity to destroy the moral foundation parents, guardians, schools and religious institutions have spent generations to establish.”
    Based on the writer’s statement posted above, and in agreement with him or her, and to contradict some of the views expressed by the writer, I feel compelled to assert that Sierra Leone has a lot to deal with in teaching ethics, citizenship, morality and digging the country out of the sin we have been drenched into for the past forty-plus years than involve in the rightness or wrongness of pornographic movies, a view claimed from unscientific reasoning, if you will, contrasted by the following compelling realizations or facts.
    Imagine a country that is named as the lowest in the global economic index, one that had the most brutal form of war ever in world history, one whose citizen is brutally abused abroad with support for this abuse stemming from his very countrymen, who are constantly listening and watching such egregious disrespect for human kind continue on a 24-hour bases, for a period of at least ten years. What are the reasons for such abuses, no one dare explain because it will mean unearthing the truth thereby, giving credence to his sacrifices and a penultimate rise from infamy to grace.
    Imagine a country whose citizens would hate for their countryman to prove his efforts, if that is what is required to gain prosperity, to prove his innocence, if that is what is required to set him free so that he can get out of the inhumane and desolate life style he is subjected to.
    Imagine a country whose citizens would wish for the rich, wealthy and the most powerful to think that such a country’s compatriot is lonely because they, the said country’s citizens, have isolated him, wishing that this will insight or appeal to the said wealthy and most powerful people to turn against their countryman and give the most wicked of all peoples the impetus to intensify their brutal treatment to cause him, their countryman, to get frustrated and even die from such frustration. He has been seeing naked for a period of about ten years whereby, everyone saw, have seen or will see his private parts even those who do not wish to see his manhood voluntarily or otherwise. He is forced to do so contrary to the constitution of his nation, the nation he resides, and against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    What is more moral than the most religious and a pious of persons of his country to ask why is this happening? But they did not. Worst of it all, a majority of his people joined to believe and to claim that he is hardheaded or stubborn, to be exact, for failing to go insane or die due to the immoral and unconstitutional treatments meted him. What morality is taught in such sentiments coming from one’s countrymen beats me but we have the tenacity to argue something we have no scientific proof of its advantages or disadvantages such as pornography but rely wholly and solely of unscientific condemnations of the past.
    That which turned into hate was meant for good, whereby, certain people claimed they love him, as such it was intended for good; was it not? But there are people in life who are satanic in disguise that will turn joy into sadness. For example, how did this turn into a run for life? This is not boast it was what every human being were talking about that has caused sadness.
    Yes we have a lot to atone for instead of concerning ourselves with pornographic movies that people who wish to view it voluntary, in their privacy, to do so, and examine through scientific studies the morality such will or will not teach.
    I strongly believe in the individual’s freedom to choose in a free atmosphere without coercion and I also believe that democratically, the Parents, Teachers and Spiritual Leaders will influence such youths through democratic guidance, if and when such elders serve as brighter examples in all matters that concern Sierra Leone. However, in the specific instance I mentioned above, where the said Sierra Leonean’s private parts were constantly seen by the global public, for no explained reasons, I did not hear of any Sierra Leonean publicly condemning such a treatment. That refusal, I am inclined to believe, condones the sale of the said materials and gives rise to bending the youths’ mind to believing that it is acceptable to imitate what comes from foreign world even if such imitation would cause an individual’s life.
    To suggest that those who may conduct themselves in the indolence and lewdness reported, and all the illicit behaviors he or she claims could be associated with such a way of life be punished or charged with disorderly conduct, when in fact, most of the claims made by the writer are not scientifically proven to be as a result of pornographic movies or the way women dress is far fetched. We had a war where many women were brutally raped; was that as a result of pornography or the way women dress?
    We all agree that we have had corruption of every dimension in Sierra Leone since independence, which has been forty-plus years, at which time there were very few pornographic viewers in the country, most of whom, I can vouch, were never rebels or rebel-collaborators as they were called. But we had plenty insanity rampantly going on in Sierra Leone.
    How can one talk about sanity or morality and not talk about the many married women that sleep with men that are not their husbands or married men that sleep with women that are not their husbands or marrying a girl thirteen years old? All these acts have been ongoing in Sierra Leone prior to the influx of pornographic movies or the way women dress but we hardly talk about it or them. Maybe it is because that is what we do.
    In the Seventies we had women dress in midi that did not go well with certain people but it did not cause a national uproar or inflate the degree of rape in the country. Most of the women who dressed in that way are prominent people today who have done well and live by Sierra Leone moral values, whatever that means these days.
    We have so much to atone for.
    Could it be that we have been so immersed in total depravity, which according to Wikipedia “(also called absolute inability and total corruption) is a theological doctrine that derives from the Augustinian concept of original sin. It is the teaching that, as a consequence of the Fall of Man, every person born into the world is enslaved to the service of sin and, apart from the efficacious or prevenient grace of God, is utterly unable to choose to follow God or choose to accept salvation as it is offered.” Difficult as is stated, it becomes more difficult and can drive more youths away if we are to adopt forceful means to instill morality, and not allow people to explore and broaden their horizon, helping them to be less fearful or ashamed to check with gynecologists, a method that can help reduce HIVAIDS.
    The writer succinctly puts it that “Sierra Leone is already steeped in other daunting social challenges like indolence, lethargy, a lack of the sense of responsibility and self-pride , dishonesty and unpatriotic and we cannot afford a hedonistic society where young and precious minds are exposed to mind-bending and harmful pornographic movies that have the capacity to destroy the moral foundation parents, guardians, schools and religious institutions have spent generations to establish. “
    In response to that, I will say that much was not done and not correctly done, I would presume, to instill the said values, and that many were left out, that was the reason for the said corruption and the war to go haywire, which we cannot blame on pornographic movies.

    I cannot sit here and claim that watching pornographic movies is right or wrong based on my opinion alone but at the same token, I do not believe the writer has grip of the subject matter therefore, it is wise to advise cautionary methods to tackle the situation, so as not to bend the youths’ minds from distinguishing between dictatorship and morality. For dictatorship is a cause, or an instrument, if you will, that will help for a growth and rampancy of immorality.
    We must understand that times change and people change with time. Any individual or nation who refuses to change with time and in a global context is making a huge mistake because as we have observed over the years, many nations have had conflicts because their leaders are insistent on clinging to the old ways of life. Let us support President Koroma in the pursuit to help us enjoy true democracy, which can never be realized without freedom of speech and expression.
    In which case, I believe, that the problems we need to tackle is our thinking process. We need to be more informed about life issues, issues in Sierra Leone and globally that can affect our lives and the lives of others, either positively or negatively, to help our youths think rationally, in an open minded fashion, rather than secluding ourselves to just one corner of the earth and doing things for Psychological egoism, ethical egoism and not for moral dynamism and the encouragement of human mind development for the realization of human potentials and prosperity.
    When it comes to religion one cannot believe half-hazardly. Either we believe or we do not. A majority of us do things or believe in things that suits and comforts us. Take for instance the following biblical and quoranic believes and see if we practice them, and if we do not, think why we do not:
    “Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonours his head. And every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonours her head – it is just as though her head were shaved. If a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off; and if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut off or shaved off, she should cover her head. A man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man. For man did not come from woman, but woman from man; neither was man created for woman, but woman for man. For this reason, and because of the angels, the woman ought to have a sign of authority on her head” (I Corinthians 11:3-10).
    How many of our women cover their heads when they go to church?
    Another instance in the quran states:
    “Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty……And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what ordinarily appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms….” (Quran 24:30,31).
    How far do women observe this in Sierra Leone?
    Are those the things the writer expect Sierra Leonean women to conduct themselves in, in-this-day-in-age? But these are Christian and Muslim teachings.
    In America and Nigeria to name a few, pornography has been in existence since my childhood. Hugh Hefner ‘s effort to create Play Boy in America was seen as liberation movement and was granted the First Amendment Award . Therefore, his establishment of the “Playboy” was seen as helping people to be treated in accordance with the First Amendment Rights in America, which permits freedom of speech and expression. Let us desist from seizing this from the people of Sierra Leone. Let the parents in whose homes these are watch be the ones to judge.
    It is the responsibility of the family to bring their children-up in the best way to respect the dignity of other human beings, respect the laws of the land, and the schools and spiritual organizations must try hard to teach them respect for the law, respect for others’ properties and persons and respect for human life. I do not believe watching or not watching pornographic movies when one wants will promote self-respect.
    There are things of grave concern. Many Sierra Leoneans in the up country do not and have not enjoyed anything good the country has to offer. But donations come-in, yet, I know Sierra Leoneans who were deprived and lived and died poverty. That is sin that we need to talk about. Yes we need self-respect and high self esteem but with poverty such glorious values only stay and remain at the door step but will not enter any human mind let alone observed to the fullest. The consequences of which is the rampant corruption the writer made mention of. When poverty is rampant it becomes a jungle and jungle laws are implemented to make ends meet. But it is different in this case. Every Sierra Leonean I have come across has been trying to be seen in light of European or American ideals or misconstrued ideals, involved in the imitation of American or European values. The frowning, the laughing and the wickedness exhibited over the years are not Sierra Leonean values as you and I know it to be. Let us teach real African values that does not condone the torture, alienation and attempt on a fellowman’s life. We need to enhance the moral standing of a huge population, and reverse the copied values than concentrate on the few who might watch pornographic movies for a few and then change for some reason when the void that permeates into using these videos is filled.
    If we attempt to restrict it, we will see a backlash because then our effort has created scarcity and aroused interest in the youths to watch pornography and engage in wild ways of life but if they should do it at home, where they know their parents or guardians are in the vicinity, the tendency for them to engage in wrong doing or for them to be wronged is minimal. But if restricted they will always find a way to watch it.
    Let us concentrate on how we should be good to one another and to our country. Let us first and foremost, study the effect, good or bad, of pornography before we try to establish Sharia law.
    The lives of our compatriots and their dignity should concern us more. Our international image and human rights records should concern us more. Schools and colleges and their affordability should concern us more. The health of Sierra Leoneans should concern us more. Paying people on time is an area of grave concern. Poverty, the standard of information and thinking process should concern us more. The welfare of Sierra Leoneans, the corruption and lack of regards for human life should concern us more.
    We can do a lot better by given very little attention to people’s private lives that have nothing to do with us, will not harm us in any way and concentrate on those issues that have impacted Sierra Leonean lives in a sad way and try to teach youths how such neglect is immoral and unjust.

  • Angthorf says:

    In the nineties, president Omar Bongo of Gabon clamped laws forbidden teenage boys and girls to walk in the streets without being accompanied by elderly parents or guardiance. He further warned the then so called sex ladies to stay way from public places, failing to do so, one risks being caught and will then be sent to military camps to entertain the fighting guys. I don’t really go with such idea, if at all existed.
    In the case of Sierra Leone, the government, through it institutions and agencies can do a lot to correct the immoral practice that is prevalant all over the country today. We want legislated laws to curb the menance of teenage pregnancy. Let the civil societies be seriously involved in the process. The secret societies: poro, wonde, bondo, orjeh, gbambani, sowe etc should take the lead in correcting the immoral behaviour of the people in the country.

    To our beautiful young girls and beautiful women, we appeal to stick to modest life. They stand to gain more than being nude. Some devlish men will surely prefer you nude in the streets and public places for their own personal pleasure. Our respected mothers were married to our dads without being nude. They won their admirations, love and respect without displaying their bodily structures by using phrases such as “sexy lady”, ” you look sexy”. Beaches, hotel lounges, night clubs, casinos, discos are the ideal places for love making today, ignoring all traditional dictates with regards to our moral fabrics.

    Any call to check the immoral conduct of our today society will be appreciated not only by Muslims, Christians and other religious groups but those who have ethical values as well. Ponography and nudity are two social evils that require siwft action from the government. May Allah Bless Sierra Leone.

  • Bambay Lans Kamara says:

    What actually do Sierra Leoneans and people of this world mean by morality?

    The acceptance of blatant cruelty that will turn into tragedy is nothing moral.
    I have come-up with the best answer only to be realized sooner than latter.

  • Angthorf says:

    It is unheard of for African parents to allow their young boys and girls to watch pornographic movies at home. I believe it still stands a taboo in most cultures apart from the Western World which allows such things to happen.

    To my view it is the parents right to instill respect of cultural values. Women should not be looked at as commodity for sexual pleasure. What can someone gain from watching sexual movies apart from toxicating one’s self in readiness to inflict aggressive sexual tendecies to weak and poor women. The lesson to be taught is that sexual intercourse leads to pregnancy and hence the multiplicity of unwanted children. To abstain from being enticed or lured to the game should be the primary concern of us all.

    The world will continue to develop scientifically and technologically minus nudity.

  • Bambay Lans Kamara says:

    Angthorf, let me first and foremost, register my sincere apologies for not responding in a timely fashion. I have so much to contend with that it is difficult to commit and do things in a timely manner, with the accuracy deserved, giving the circumstance of events in my disfavor, which should have been favorable, as most of you can. It takes me thousands of sacrifices and prolonged time to do things that are normally done by everyday human beings, who do so in a split of a second with minimal efforts.
    This is as a result of misplaced and misconstrued information or rationalizations of most humans that I have to deal with, some of whom actually believe that it is prudent to deal in convolution with utmost disregard for moral, ethical and legal considerations therefore, would do anything to make life excruciating and vicious for me. In which case, I would caution that this issue be discussed with an open mind and tolerance to enable us get a better understanding of it, to prevent us from accepting a phenomena that might be fatal to our system or reject a way of life that might be of value to our nation or one that will have no recognisable (recognizable)impact on the majority. We must therefore, carefully and respectfully engage in this brain storming exercise to unearth the real truth about the issue at hand.
    Further more, I would want to let you know that I have great respect for you, first, as a human being, and more so, that you are a Sierra Leonean. I respect the view that you are entitled to your opinion, hopping that you might understand that my opinions are mine and that I am free to express them on any matter that affects my country of origin, Sierra Leone, which if she goes bad will impact me, a reason why I am in another country, and if she is prosperous will make me proud. I expect a reciprocation of this ethical value of our country extended towards me from any and every Sierra Leonean because that is our traditional value, to respect each other and value each other’s opinions.
    I never suggested that parents should sit and watch pornographic movies with their children nor did I ever claim that this is practiced in any part of the world. My contention was that we do not have scientific proof that porn is detrimental to human mind. As such, we must examine it properly knowing that those who practice it might have a constitutional right to do so, and that we be more careful not to infringe on other’s rights because of our religious or moral reasoning, which might be interpreted differently from tribe to tribe, district to district, religious background and educational standings. Noting that most who practice nudity have reported benefits they gain and those in opposition have given their moral interpretation of the wrongness of it. However, this does not endorse my opposition nor support for the practice but willingness to participate in discussing it for a better understanding, with the mindset that it is proven that anything that relaxes the mind is good for brain development.

    Now, my questions to you are? For the past forty years,

     Have Sierra Leoneans been lying?
     Do Sierra Leoneans still?
     Do they kill?
     Do they commit adultery?
     Do they covet what are their neighbors?
     Do they bear false witness against other Sierra Leoneans?
     Do Sierra Leoneans teach sex education to their children as is done in many other cultures?
     Is prostitution pranced in Sierra Leone, if so how long has it been practiced?
     Do Sierra Leonean schools and work places have dress codes?
     Do men and women have multiple partners in Sierra Leone that they are not married to?
     Do youths have sex after school, outside their homes because they have to hide from their parents and regardless of their parents’ strictness?
     Have we made any research to find out if youth impregnation is due to parents’ strictness or the lack of strict rules in homes or because the watch pornographies or dress poorly?
     What statistics do we have, as proof that countries that permit pornographic movies have no moral standing and whether or not they are wealthy or poor, developed or under developed, peaceful or unstable, can or cannot take care of their citizens because they do or do not watch pornographic movies?
     Are there any statistics to prove that people who rape do so because of the way women dress or because they watch pornographic movies?
    If the answers to most of these questions are yes then where do we start with this moral and ethical implantation or promotion, if you will?
    The answers to these questions is why we should discuss this issue with an open mind, bearing in mind that immoral and unethical conducts have been practiced in Sierra Leone for a long period of time even before pornography was invented.
    More over, I am not sure why I am responding when and if your response is directed to my statement but refusing to acknowledge me by addressing me directly does not suit well for an individual who believes in religious ethical and moral values. That refusal in every culture, including that of Sierra Leone, would be considered inappropriate. However, due to the uncertainty mentioned prior, and because we are both passionate about the moral and ethical ramification an introduction of pornographic movies would impede on the Sierra Leoneans prone to watching it, and the dress code that is observed to be a new trend, which as alleged might bend the minds of the youths of Sierra Leone and open them up for rape, I would try to discuss with you.
    Most importantly, I am mindful that the issue is one that deserves a conversation to impart and learn about, to get a better understanding of it when neither you nor I have done any Scientific findings to know the pros and cons of such an issue, in view of achieving a coherent moral and ethical impact on the nationals that we both love dearly. Our derivations are based purely on non-scientific conclusions of other people. Therefore, who says then that we are authorities on the subject matter? We need to discuss and examine it thoroughly so that we too cannot be in the dark and help others think about it aswell.
    As far as I know, the purpose of discussing is to reveal facts about issues, give the pros and cons about such issues to see if we can, with a democratic mindfulness, influence our co-contributor/s’ views on such issues and to learn more about them to help us change theirs and our perceptions and belief-system/s, arming the majority or all of us with enough knowledge to make appropriate laws, effectively abide by the laws made regarding such issues, disallowing any uncertainty if laws are made or as to why laws are even made regarding such issues, helping us implement them appropriately in order that it benefits all of us rather than serve as a conduit for problems to the nation as a whole. The key point to note here is how it can benefit everybody in Sierra Leone whether they participate to it directly or indirectly, practiced or “banned.”
    It is note worthy that the reason people hold certain views, right or wrong, is due to their zero, limited, average or wealth of knowledge on the issue. There are no issues in this world that deal with humans or vise versa, that any person can authoritatively claim to have ultimate knowledge about, even the issue relating to the existence of God. In fact, due to its complexity, most people have, especially in the African context, abstained from such a discuss and “claim,” mark the quotation there, “claim,” that it is sin to talk about it. A whole bunch of issues fall under that category, branding them sinful to discuss thereby, never benefiting from them because they are not well understood and pornography is one of these issues.
    Certainly, every Sierra Leonean’s dream is to have a nation with high moral values, and the ultimate goal for such values is to enhance cordial relations among citizens, to enable them work for the common good of their nation and her people and to secure peace, stability and prosperity from these values. But that has not been the case for Sierra Leone though there were no pornographic movies. We had corruption and a brutal war. That is the reality that we must not loose sight of because we had limited information about our governments, other tribes and many issues. We did not have open conversation to educate us about many issues and most were trained to not discuss certain issues because they were sinful to discuss. The result, discontent, hate, corruption, misguided family values, hypocrisy, ignorance at a rampage and a brutal war that took the lives of hundreds of thousands, disabled thousands and lived a poor country who is said to have been founded on religious moral principles.
    In reiteration, if you read carefully, my suggestion was not that parents encourage or sit and watch pornographic movies with their children. On the contrary, I thought that if there is less hew-and-cry about it, or if we and parents do not demonize and inflict severe punishments on kids for this videos and take a layback but constructive approach on the issue, to learn more about it from those who have wealth of scientific knowledge and understand the moral ramification of it, the tendency for kids to hide and watch these videos in areas that do not have parental presence, which does not indicate that parents have to be in the room with them but by the them knowing that the parents are in the vicinity, the tendency for them to be prone to any form of abuse is minimal or non-existent.
    Therefore, let us continue the debate to help understand the issue better so as not to take ignorant stance on the subject.
    Mind you, Sierra Leoneans have participated on many issues that they should be concerned about but such abuses became accepted because they would want to believe it is a Western way of life.

  • Angthorf says:

    Thanks for your sentiment brother Bambay Lans Kamara. I do believe seriously that majority of us who left our natural homeland did so not for pleasure sake, but to look for better pasture some where. In the course of that we are all subjected to busy engagements that consume our limitted free time. May God bless.

    The point we are debating about the moral upkeep in our country is nothing personal. The salient points you raised are right in place and well noted. The only reservation I have is about the rappid disintegrations of our traditional and cultural values in favour of strange and foreign ways os life. I hope not to be misunderstood for being a man who lives in the past. A big no! I am a modern man who believes in the evolutionary realities of human existence. However, the change I am pursuing, center on a firm moral, ethical and religious background. I aspire to maintain my African values. My passionate appeal to our beloved Africans is to revert to the positive values that make us distinctive from other races.

    Regarding sexual immoralities practiced in most communities should be checked. The neglect of marriage principles has caused irriparable distruction in our societies. Children born outside marriage bonds are often not well cared for. These poor innocent individuals have the tendency to be irresponsible and mostly turn out to be dangerous criminals for the state. While on the other hand, children from legally married couple with caring upbringing, hardly become hardened criminals. Academically,some might not be talented but traits of respect and signs of good behaviour are always noticeable in them. They always stand to offer respect to other people’s fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles etc as they wish others do on to them. They have the fear to hurt other people’s families in order not to get a reciprocal reaction.

    I would like to give an anology here about our local farmers. I come from a farming community which strongly believes that good harvests often come as a result of a number of tangible procedures.The selection of high quality seedlings, the timely brushing or ploughing of the land and a favourable rainy season. Having got all that at hand, you are sure of a bompy harvest.

    The above anology has been my guiding priciple in terms of marriage. I am sure the essence of marriage is to multiply human race. If that is the case, do we have to throw our seedlings on barren land for fruitless harvest? A big NO! We want responsible children to take over the batton of life for a better Sierra Leone. Copying negative ways of life that will impoverish our social and moral build up should be discouraged by all means.

    The West, particularly the US, is a place with multiplicity of cultures. It is an undeniably true that the US is a great country in terms of technology and economic advancement. Those countries elsewhere would like to trail the US in terms of progress. But do we have to copy their social life and moralities? The Chinese, Japanese, Arabs, Indians and Scottish try to maintain their cultural values in that cosmopolitant country. I am sure, it is much more easier for us to advocate for the sustainance of all our positive cultural values because we are in the land of our original parents. Our educators; universities, colleges, schools, social institutions and the local communities are to be engaged to ward off the menancing negative sexy culture practised in the West.

    Your historical highlight on the sexual malpractices in our country is well taken and highly commended. But the compelling question I would like to ask here is “Who is to blame on the current explosion of sexual immoralities in the country?” The move taken by the information minister to ban the sale of pornographic movies is an action in the right direction. The freedom we always talk about is to be protected and maintained but not at the detriment of our unique cultural, religious moral values.

    The teaching of sex education in schools is absolutely necessary for our children to have a realistic understanding of the act. I am sure the focus will not be on the pleasure and enjoyment derived from the intercourse itself but to inform the public that only through sexual intercourse women or girls get pregnant and nothing else!!!

    The debate on the change of our moral behaviour will continue till acceptable regulatory measures are put in place for the betterment of all in our country.

  • Bambay Lans Kamara says:

    Angthorf, let me first and foremost, thank you for your graceful response. I am more proud and hopeful for Sierra Leone now than ever. For the fact that we have a government who is ready to take on corruption in every facet of our country’s demographics, and for cultured people of your caliber (calbre) in our midst who cares deeply about the moral standing of such a beautiful nation, Sierra Leone, that deserves a better, if not new direction, and willing to discuss issues such as morality, sexual morality for that matter, an issue that is not openly discussed, which you have discussed reasonably, in a democratic fashion without getting worked-up in a verge to be viewed as the harbinger of rightness, with an insatiable appetite for power, neglecting the cutesy to listening to the views of others who are also stakeholders of the same country; thank you.
    Your points are well taken to heart but the fact remains that the culture of corruption is deep-rooted in Sierra Leone that, changing it is easy but will take the engagement of the institutions you made mention of, and all communities in Sierra Leone to accomplish such a desirable change.
    Indeed, no culture, persons or nations is said to be civilized without moral endowment. But for most, morality is defined as customs and convictions of people around you. There are certain belief-systems that are highly respected, example education, in one culture of a people but not so valued in others. For some cultures for the fact that one is educated is a vanguard for success while others believes it is a recipe for disgrace and inhumane sufferings.
    We can never talk about morality without talking of corruption because corruption is the pillar for any immoral act, and a conduit for problems in a society.
    Most people’s understanding of corruption is about fraudulent activities of government and other professionals. However, corruption has a deeper meaning and involves many ills beyond the corruption perpetuated by government functionaries.
    Dictionary defines corruptions as: “–noun
    1. the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt.
    2. moral perversion; depravity.
    3. perversion of integrity.
    4. corrupt or dishonest proceedings.
    5. bribery.
    6. debasement or alteration, as of language or a text.
    7. a debased form of a word.
    8. putrefactive decay; rottenness.
    9. any corrupting influence or agency.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    “The word corrupt (Middle English, from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere, to destroy : com-, intensive pref. and rumpere, to break) when used as an adverb literally means “utterly broken”.[1] In modern English usage the words corruption and corrupt have many meanings:
    Political corruption: the abuse of public power, office, or resources by government officials or employees for personal gain, e.g. by extortion, soliciting or offering bribes.[2]

    Police corruption is a specific form of police misconduct designed to obtain financial benefits, other personal gain, and/or career advancement for a police officer or officers in exchange for not pursuing, or selectively pursuing, an investigation or arrest. They can engage in bribes, flout the police code of conduct in order to secure convictions of suspects, through the use of falsified evidence, may deliberately and systematically participate in organized crime themselves,
    Corporate corruption: corporate criminality and the abuse of power by corporation officials, either internally or externally
    Bribery in politics, business, or sport (including match fixing).

    In Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s view about corruption, which you and I may agree with, “ there are different types of corruption: Public and private types of corruptions.” That if ordinary citizens lie when they give testimony in court, this is corruption; it is corruption of the criminal justice system. However, it does not involve abuse of a public office by a public official. And when police fabricate evidence out of a misplaced sense of justice, this is corruption of a public office, but not for private gain.”
    My purpose of bringing this up is not in contravention with your views but in solitude thereof, with most of the views you raised such as checking sexual immoralities practiced in most communities, the irreparable destruction neglect of marriage principles has caused in our societies, the lack of care for children born outside marriage and the tendency for most of them to be irresponsible, which might raise the susceptibility for most to turn out to be dangerous criminals for the state, the need for us to advocate for the sustenance of all our positive cultural values because we are in the land of our original parents, and the need for the engagement of institutions such as our educators; universities, colleges, schools, social institutions and the local communities to ward off the menacing negative sexy culture practiced in the West.
    However, again, this is just an observation, when you asked who is to blame, that right there, after a thorough consideration of the complexity of pinpointing the cause-factor for the cultural confusion that stemmed-up to this cultural dilemma, is what makes this situation even more difficult and intriguing a problem.
    You may have read or heard about the Revolution of African history. This is a process whereby, African Historians are stepping to the plate to unearth the true African History, devoid of the many convolutions gushed into our history, by European Arm-chair Historians in a blatant attempt, by most, to obscure the African culture substituted by a culture or cultures that is or are sparsely African culture/s. The true African culture, it is believed, was taken to other shores and became big business that we were told are taboos therefore, never benefitted from them. We were introduced to cultures whose languages are not understood by many and therefore, could not practice it to benefit the mass majority.
    Many wars in Africa and many other problems are there to create a confusion and inability to regain our former culture by interpreting them in languages that we can understand better, organize better, to derive benefit from our endeavors and wealth because wherever there is instability there will be disorganization and when there is disorganization the tendency to produce and grow is slim.
    The partition of Africa did the worst damage in confusing the African culture so as to accept other belief systems different from what was probably an enviable culture. When this attempt did not bear fruit in Egypt, you and I know of the Pharaohs, the Egyptian contributions to Sciences and Math.
    Most of what we call African dress, gown and so on are Arabian designs, the way we are brought-up is either with Quoranic or Biblical belief-systems, which is good but where is our culture? Besides worshiping stones what else were our ancestors involved or engaged in?
    I agree with you ostensibly that we had something that held us together that we need to cherish and safeguard. I have no doubt about that. Nonetheless, you may agree with me that for any action there is a reaction and everything has cause and effect. Marian Williams, a Spiritual leader and Lecturer once said, “God created the law of free will, and God created the law of cause and effect. And he himself will not violate the law. We need to be thinking less in terms of what God did and more in terms of whether or not we are following those laws.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson an American Poet and Lecturer also said, “Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end preexists in the means, the fruit in the seed”
    Paul Gallico also said, “No game in the world is as tidy and dramatically neat as baseball, with cause and effect, crime and punishment, motive and result, so cleanly defined.” Pending on the understanding of, the reasoning capacity of people involved and the appropriate approach towards solving a problem, no problem is unsolvable if it is meant in good faith.
    Can we approach the sell of sex tapes with caution and tackle the needs that permeated this action by those who sell them?
    Yes American is an amalgam of cultures. However, there is the American Ideals that true Americans believe in. What are these ideals?
    It is stated that “This ideals of America are found in the laws, and they guide our country.” These ideals are twelve belief systems:
    “1. The Spiritual is Supreme, 2. Fear of Government-over-Man, 3. Unalienable Rights–From God, 4. Man Organizes Governments to Be His Tools, 5. Limited Government,
    6. Decentralized Government, 7. Equal, By God’s Gift, In Sight of God and Law
    8. Life and the Pursuit of Happiness, 9. Liberty–Against Government-over-Man
    10. Private Property–Liberty’s Support, 11. Taxes–Limited to Safeguard Liberty
    12. The Majority–Limited for Liberty
    (The American Ideal of 1776 The Twelve Basic American Principles by Hamilton Abert Long, ©1976.)
    Yes there are many cultures in America but everyone is entitled to live by these principles and the First Amendment Rights and all clauses within the American Constitution are written to enable freedom, enhance creativity and responsibility that are responsible for the scientific and technological advancement of America. However, because there are restrictions in said documents, one who dresses or engages in sex in public place or places is subject to arrest and the full penalty of the law, as are those who commit other crimes. These laws are, to a greater extent, strictly observed and up kept by government, the upper class to the grassroots level, though there are flaws here and there but it is not as rampant as we had it and are trying to tackle the corruption in Sierra Leone. So let us tackle first things first, serve as examples and proceed from there while better studies are made.
    I am not disputing that the Honorable Minister is on the right track. what I am contending or rather concerned about is how rampant is the situation and is it more problematic than the cause? Let us give Sierra Leoneans reason to be proud of Sierra Leone, teaching us about our culture, values and history.

    Why not focus on avenues such as self-creativity especially, for the many whom the continued exposure to the war and the time it took them away from schools, turning them into school dropped-outs therefore, have no other skills? Are we not concerned that they might turn to arm rubbery?
    With reasoning and careful examination the moral richness of Sierra Leone will be improved. The following is said about reasoning: Albert Einstein said, “ That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.”
    It is also stated that,
    “I believe in a long, prolonged derangement of the senses to attain the unknown. Our pale reasoning hides the infinite from us.” Plato and finally,
    “A few observation and much reasoning lead to error; many observations and a little reasoning to truth.” Alexis Carrel.
    Education and the involvement of the youths and grown-ups will help change the worst Sierra Leonean to the best Imam or Priest or a morally bound Sierra Leonean. Time there was when fathers and mothers could work or farm and provide for their children who had very little alternative but to listen. But that was not the case and then a war in which we the grown-ups used and abused the youngest of young, instead of giving them pens and pencils, books and education we gave them guns. Let us carefully, rewire their brains from thuggery to morality.
    It is unfortunate that those of us who had the best home training, education as I am always proud of my high school and college I graduated from, and mentorship, believe in respect for ourselves, others, the elders and the laws of anywhere we reside, believing that regardless of our circumstances education is the key because we have seen its value in many Sierra Leoneans and many other people that respect education. But most of these grew-up knowing force or were forced. Therefore that is their belief make-up that is gradually unwinding. That education I received in Sierra Leone and in America will go with me to the grave but most cannot of these youths are not proud to say such.
    Though burglary nor sexual immorality none are lesser evils of the two yet, we must be careful not to forcefully inject our belief-systems on people who are still reeling from the horrors of war that we have not yet convinced to believe in most things about Sierra Leone. Let us be cautious and examine the cause and effects of the situation.
    In which case, I want to once more, thank you for your valuable inputs and will live you with verses from the Bible: “Acts 26:14 (New King James Version)
    14 And when we all had fallen to the ground, I heard a voice speaking to me and saying in the Hebrew language, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.’
    Acts 26:15-20 (King James Version)
    15And I said, Who art thou, Lord? And he said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest.
    16But rise, and stand upon thy feet: for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness both of these things which thou hast seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto thee;
    17Delivering thee from the people, and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee,
    18To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” He did not use force but convinced.

  • Bambay Lans Kamara says:

    Let us wind down a little:

  • Bambay Lans Kamara says:

    Who is that girl on the latest vidoe added? Speak now or forever old your peace.

  • Bambay Lans Kamara says:

    Is Cocorioko a propaganda machine against bambay; what is the beef? Are you still trying to prove that he is crazy, our diplomats and Journalists who should unearth the truth to tell the story.
    Why delete this that is about Sierra Leone:

  • Bambay Lans Kamara says:

    Read the rest from bellow:

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