REPORT : Fourah Bay Foundation “Cook out” at the Naaman William Park on Matilda Avenue

By Abdul Hardy  Gabisi


On Sunday September 6 th at the Naaman William Park, Fourah Bay Community Foundation of New Jersey had their “cook out” which was well attended. Despite the many activities on going including the Sierra Stars Gala and other events typical of a Sierra Leonean week end off, Socialites were able to juggle themselves around.


In the midst of the fourahbayans attending the event were members of the Fullah Town people, also part of ‘Aku Mohamedan” community. Friends of Fourahbay notably the Mabohanday organization with their leader Mr. John Samba and other prominent leaders were also present.


The time spent was both entertaining and productive; from the opening prayer by our Deputy Imam Alhaji Hassan Savage, to the concise speech by the chapter Chairman Alhagi Mohammad Alieru Amid Bakaar, to the closing remarks by the current National Chairman of the Fourahbay Foundation, Mr. Lamin Alharazim, the evening went well.








In his speech Alhaji Bakaar informed the congregation that our Fourahbay community apart from strengthening its membership base is working on laudable programs that will continue to make our community back home better. He mentioned the contribution done towards the Ebola crisis which God willing is now history. Also he mentioned the Environmental program which is on going in the fourahbayan community and thanked all individuals supporting this program. This exercise will greatly impact the lives of our people back home.


Along the delicacies that were served and continuous dancing music provided by the DJ, there was time to introduce Madam Agnes Kula-Banya. This dynamic lady has served both the Franklin and New Brunswick Townships in many productive areas. She is aspiring for the Franklin Township Board of Education.


In her humble yet astute manner, she made a short impactful speech to members present. In did her representation on the Franklin Township Board of Education will greatly facilitate and positively influence the education of our children. The voting will take place Tuesday, November 3 rd; 2015.All should come out and support this candidate, Madam Agnes, who will definitely continue to promote better education for our children.

The Cook out as depicted by pictures became more charged up as the hour progressed to closing time. On behalf of the Fourah Bay Foundation Executive I will like to thank all who contributed and support this event. Furthermore, thanks to the leaders of various organizations, who graced the event. Also, our advisory team and every individual who I will love to mention if not for brevity. This spirit of community support will not only move fourahbay forward but continue to make the New Jersey community great. Thank you all for attending.


Prepared by

Abdul Hardy Gabisi

Secretary General of, the Fourahbay Community Foundation, New Jersey Chapter


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