SLPP Chaos in the UK prompts London Police intervention

London Police have reportedly intervened after a section of the SLPP “Paopa” rudely interrupted a meeting organized by supporters of Kandeh Yumkelah in London.

Details of the fracas are still sketchy but pieces of information gathered by the Platinum International media network have suggested that the KKY team are up in arms to challenge Retired Brigadier Maada Bio’s dominance in SLPP politics.


It has also emerged that a cross section of the SLPP UK branch are desirous to see the backs of a paopa dominated UK SLPP Executive.

The atmosphere was reportedly tense inside the meeting hall with members from both camps having heated verbal exchanges and scuffles. The development alerted the London metropolitan police.
It is not yet clear if arrests were made. It is however disheartening to note that the SLPP can export violence to a foreign land.



“This is very shameful……the SLPP has now shown the world that they are not a serious opposition” remaked one angry caller from London this evening.

We are closely following events as they unfold.



Stay tuned❗❗

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