Sierra Leoneans accuse Maada Bio of corruption and declare him the wrong man to champion anti-corruption drive in nation

‎Since the release of the Governance Transition Report by the President Maada Bio government, Sierra Leoneans have been accusing the President of double standards , saying  that he himself must be be investigated for corruption against the state. 

We bring you the opinions of Sierra Leoneans on social media and the defences of President Bio’s supporters.


I listened the ACC Boss, Francis Kaifala, on 98.1, expressing his quest in fighting corruption in our country Sierra Leone. I must say it’s a very good quest, and would be a good thing for Sierra Leone, depending if he intends to fight corruption fairly, and will not allow those that appointed him into office to tell him what to do . In his remark on air, he told journalists that and I quote:
“I am going to fight the Past, Present, and Future looters.”
He also made it clear that he is ready to and I quote again:
“Investigate Past, Present and Future cases, and his institution is going to be an independent one, separate from politics”
I was happy and proud that a young man like Francis Kaifala could have such thirst to minimize corruption in our beloved country.
But in as much as he has raised the bar in his quest to fight corruption, and based on his statement above which I quoted, I would like to ask the ACC Commissioner the following questions:
Mr. Commissioner in your statement on air, you made it clear that you are going to investigate past, present and future cases, so with regards to the past cases, are you going to investigate:

• Sales of our passports during the NPRC regime, of which our current Speaker of the House Dr Abass Bundu, our dear President Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, and a Chinese man name Frank Yiu were named in some shady deals, which led to an investigation during the Pa Kabba Regime, but after some pep-talks in Gambia where Dr . Bundu hibernated for a while; the said matter took a deep sleep. Mr. Commissioner, it would be best in the interest of the state to wake up serious matters like this, especially when Dr Abass Bundu continues to lie about those sales. This case is still pending at the Magistrate court, where you could easily access the case file. It was alleged that Dr Abass Bundu, sold our passports to a tune of $210,000. Mr. Commissioner, from the receipt below, you can clearly see one transaction, date of transfer, 9th December 1994 from Overseas Trust Bank Limited which is an overseas Bank with account number 003101601, the name of the officer is MR FRANK LIU, the bank reference number is 60042/60023 530 with President Julius Maada Bio’s name clearly visible on the document. The amount stated therein is HKD 387,000. In 1992, the rate of the Hong Kong currency to dollar was 7.7400HKD to US$1. Imagine what the amount would be now in 2018.
• A veteran Politician, Mr. Charles Francis Margai, publicly made it known that there was a diamond found during the NPRC regime of which our current President was Head of State, that was sold under some shady deals, by his brother Steve Bio, which Dr Julius Spencer wanted to bring to the public, but was castigated.
• Are you also going to investigate Dr Dennis Sandy, who is currently serving as Lands Minister for Lands in the SLPP regime for his activities at the Ministry of social welfare and what led to his sack
• Is Musa Tarawally who was Lands Minister during the past regime , but was later sacked because of corrupt practices whilst he was minister, one of those corrupt practices was his involvement in the sale of acres of lands at Crab Town Community In Aberdeen to the Chinese for a whooping sum of $2.5million.
Mr. Commissioner may I remind you also that you categorically made it clear on air that you will investigate cases brought before you, from whatever sources. Well the social media is one source from which I will continuously unearth corrupt cases of past present and future officials of government. If indeed you meant what you said on air over Radio Democracy, I would like to see you open these dead cases, which have being filed at the magistrate court for years.
As a lawyer, you should also know that “Case nor dey die” and that Word Na mot nor to load Na head. Lonta


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President Julius Mada Bio is fighting the right fight, but he is the wrong man for the right job, me think. Less than four months ago, this same champion, pretending to be the new messiah in town , was accused of racketeering ($18,000 000.00) eighteen million dollars of state money, he sold our fifty thousand passports, in just three months as head of state of the republic of Sierra Leone. These accusations were made, by no other person, but his former finance secretary, who at then happened, to be his presidential running opponent. Corruption is evil so are the people that Condone and dwelled in it. If we’re serious about fighting corruption why not start from that point and there after! I have no sympathy for any corrupt individual, APC or SLPP.

 Yemah-Messi Bangura Na dis na di trouble lidon nyanga dae wake am? Well mi advise na for mek nyanga take tem
Julius Kamara
Julius Kamara The former  president Koroma had all the rights and powers to prosecute president Bio if he had sufficient evidence. But since he did not, these are just APC’s tactics of distraction, smear campaign and character assasination to deflate the morals of a hard working man like president Bio. The contents of the GTT report is not a hidden secret.
David Aruna Senessie
David Aruna Senessie I dispute that. Koroma never had any right to prosecutes Bio. Late Kabbah should have done that, but the TRC report never said anything bad about Bio.
Julius Kamara
Julius Kamara David Aruna Senessie, you’re wrong sir. If Koroma had sufficient evidence to prove that president Bio was involved in such corruption, he should have prosecuted him. If president Kabba did not, it doesn’t mean president Koroma shouldn’t have done it. President Kabba had a lot on his hand already, the war was raging, the state was crumbling, so these were very tough times for any president.
Sam Jay
Sam Jay David Aruna Senessie even pa Kabba did accused Bio. Lately it was Charles Margai. So go sleep my friend. Julius mada bio was corrupt and looted millions of dollars from the state

David Aruna Senessie Sam Jay bo go piss make you go ledom. Tolongbo go suffer this time. Una uncle den all dae go jail lol

Julius Kamara
Julius Kamara Sam Jay, accusing someone doesn’t mean he or she is guilty. They should have brought enough evidence to prosecute him. These were mere accusations. So also now that the GTT has accused the apc people, evidence has to be brought then being brought to justice.
Sam Jay
Sam Jay We hope it’s just a mare accusations and not a witch hunt Julius Kamara. The GT report should have focus on individuals rather than party. We’re now hearing SLPP boasting of obliterating APC for good in the political landscape of Sierra Leone. You see how some of these folks are clueless and classless. Listening to folks like Alpha Ssidu , David Aruna Senessie makes you think about nothing but a daylight witchcrafting.
Issa Kargbo
Issa Kargbo Julius Kamara you’re right EBK had the right and should have taken him to court but he failed to do so. However, since Bio had set the precedence, whosoever that comes after him would be encouraged to take him to court to account for all those monies.
Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu
Sesay Hafsat

Sesay Hafsat Bio, what have you done for the people and country beside stealing and corruption?

Bio name is a painful reminder for most Sierra Leoneans who love their country.
When you say Bio, u think of robbery, stealing, corruption and a serial killer.

Bio is a shameless idiot and an enemy to Sierra Leone.
Bio, Sierra Leoneans till remembered the days u betrayed the nation, a treasonous act of coup and war, you took part in killing our innocent brothers and sisters, cut their arms and limbs and stole millions of dollars which you invested out of Sierra Leone and you end up with nothing!

Bio u came back 2018 and threatened to kill more if you don’t have the power. You and others undermined and defrauded our election process and the British selected u for their own selfish reasons.

Bio, You will end up not enjoying this power and you will leave to regret all your past and present deeds! We will hunt you down for bringing shame and suffering to the people of Sierra Leone!

Bio, u will pay before you die!

David Aruna Senessie
David Aruna Senessie He fought APC war to save the people of Sierra Leone.
Mike Mattia Sam Jay u’ve a point but the Biocratic supporters will say it a witch hunt against the President, some of his current Ministers and his top parastatals appointees.
Moses Ben Kanu
Moses Ben Kanu These are some of the reasons people must be careful in tackling Bio agenda to fight against corruption as a victim of corrupt deals too


Hashim Williams
Hashim Williams Kokobeh Politician will simply said they did not commit the alleged act in question. Some might argue that someone else committed the crime or that no crime was committed in the first place. Currently some already started writing letters disputiSee More
Ousman Barry
Ousman Barry Hashim Williams u laybelleh don passmark …
Joseph Charles Massaquoi
Joseph Charles Massaquoi Sam Jay I was checking on the list for your name Oo…😂😂😂😂😂😂.
Sam Jay
Sam Jay Joseph Charles Massaquoi, sam Jay is the least corrupt human being you will ever know. Pay attention my friend.


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