SLPP exposes PMDC’s attempt ‘to discredit elections’



By Abdul Karim Koroma 17/1/2007

Publicity Secretary of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Hon. Victor Reider Tuesday said his party has unearthed the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change’s (PMDC) hidden attempt at discrediting the electoral process ahead of the 2007 elections.“It has come to the notice of the SLPP that members of the opposition parties and a cross-section of the press have embarked on a systematic calumny campaign to discredit the electoral process by giving the impression that the SLPP is harassing and intimidating opposition party members,” he fumed.He explained that Concord Times newspaper Monday has as its lead story captioned “PMDC alleges harassment, intimidation: Regent Chief orders to beat up Margai”.

Hon. Reider referred to allegations by PMDC Southern Region public relations officer, Lagacy Sankoh, as baseless and unfounded.The PMDC executive recently claimed that the ruling SLPP has been intimidating PMDC supporters in the southern province.Dismissing the allegation Hon. Reider maintained, “The aim of the opposition is to deceive voters while it gives the impression that the forthcoming elections will be characterised by harassment and intimidation,” adding that the opposition is building a case to justify further claims because they know they are going to loose the elections.“The Regent Chief of Njama Kowa Chiefdom, Moyamba is Mr. Alie and not JP Lappia as was alleged. There is a procedure through which local taxes are collected in Chiefdoms. Usually a tax evader is expected to be fined and not to be brutalised,” he said, adding that there were no evidence to prove that the so-called Mr. Margai was ruffled as was shown on photograph.


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