SLPP operatives said to be planning to stir up chaos in Sa. Leone, using Kailahun as launching pad



SUNDAY, 17 MAY 2009

News making the rounds in the United States is that the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP),which has still not accepted its defeat in 2007, is plotting to create a major political mayhem in Sierra Leone . Many Sierra Leoneans are calling on the government to keep a hawk’s eye on Kailahun District from where hails the SLPP Chairman, John Benjamin, whose latest activities are being described as suspicious. .

When the STANDARD TIMES newspaper recently came out with a scoop on the SLPP’s plans to create chaos in Sierra Leone, the Executive Editor, Mr.Philip Neville, a fearless journalist who has no reason to fabricate the story , became a punchbag of SLPP operatives , including their Chairman, Mr.John Benjamin and one old political spentforce who does not know that he has burnt his candles on both ends, Dr.Sama Banya.

Now, it is not only the STANDARD TIMES newspaper that is talking about the SLPP’s plans for a major upheaval in Sierra Leone. News is rife in the U.S. that the SLPP plans to destabilize Sierra Leone in such a spectacular manner that the central authority of the civilian administration will be destroyed and they would then invite the Army to stage a coup to “save the country from complete collapse. ”

Sierra Leoneans, who perfectly understand the subversive activities undertaken by Mr.John Benjamin when he engineered the 1992 NPRC military coup in Sierra Leone, are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the SLPP National Chairman who is said to be the main person insitigating all the vicious propaganda being spewed against President Ernest Bai Koroma and his government by the pro-SLPP newspapers. All the malicious and unnecessary attacks in the SLPP newspapers on the President and his government are said to be part of the grand plans by the SLPP to disrupt peace in Sierra Leone. They are now said to be working on the First Phase of the plan, which is to create public and international dissaffection against the President and the government. The well-contrived weapon being used is repeated allegations of rape by “APC thugs “. An APC official in New Jersey lamented that nobody else commits rape any more in Sierra Leone. “Every rape is blamed on APC thugs …You can see that it is a ploy to give this government a bad name ” .

Sierra Leoneans believe that the SLPP is being very unfair to the Ernest Koroma-led APC government. All the socio-economic and political problems in Sierra Leone were created by previous government, especially the SLPP,which spent 11 years in power but left the nation economically bankrupt and the ciapital and towns filthy and in utter darkness, with no light and water . Sierra Leoneans are dismayed that the SLPP speaks as if these problems were created by the APC IN JUST ONE-AND-THE HALF YEARS. “Why can’t they give the APC chance to rule and solve the problems they left behind ? They created these problems and now that the government is trying to solve them, they want to stand in the way “, Abu Sesay of East Brunswick, NJ, complained .

Some Sierra Leoneans who heard news of the SLPP plans to disrupt peace and good government in Sierra Leone called on the International Community to take note of these revelations. “When people are creating trouble in the country, the international community does not say or do anything, but as soon as the government starts to take actions against troublemakers, they start talking about human rights “,Abie Kamara of New York complained bitterly to this newspaper. “The International Community should realize that African countries are countries with laws and enforcing these laws has nothing to do with human rights . Whoever violates the laws of the country should be punished ” ,she added.


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