SLPP Women’s leader Fatmata Sawaneh on a dangerous and wrong direction

By John Leigh

In my view, Madam Sawaneh is the typical flimsy but opincall leader, like Charles Taylor was once, sitting pretty in everlasting power who thinks s/he can solve every problem on Earth via the low road of bravado, threats and intrigue but, if necessary, via unlimited crude brutal violence.

Taylor, Johnny Paul and Foday Sankoh, all went down on that same path in our recent past. It was a bloody path that produced nothing but disaster for our people, especially women and children and our entire country.


Sawaneh needs to reverse course via a U-turn and start exploring the possibilities for embarking on the higher road leading to peace, friendship, fairness, justice and mutual respect across every tribal line the country like Sir Milton’s SLPP once was.

She and her bato supporters ought to understand that without justice and substantial fairness there can be no lasting law and order. And that any system of Law and Order grounded on brutality, blood and unfairness cannot last.

Presently, all of us in Sierra Leone need the full cooperation of every citizen, regardless of tribe or politics, in fighting the spreading Coronavirus. Therefore, leaders ought to be talking peace and cooperation instead of flaunting power with power play threats and thus diverting national attention from a most vicious pandemic.

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