The SLPP is a disgrace

By Brima Kamara

As my Grandmother use to say,”Wonders Never Cease”. The more you live, the more you will see things that will continue to amaze you.

This is the case in point with the present SLPP government we have in Sierra Leone. In almost all other african cases, I have seen and heard of the International Community accusing the government of rigging elections. I have also seen and heard about the opposition parties claiming that elections were rigged by the ruling party. This is the first time that I have seen or heard a ruling government claiming that the opposition and the international community rigged elections. It makes me laugh. However we as

Sierra Leoneans should not take it lightly because it may turn us into a laughing stock to the rest of the world.
This present SLPP government is really a disgrace to our nation. They have shown how low they can go to cling on to power at all cost. When I think of all that the international community did for them and this country since 1997 when Kabba was known as ‘Pretty soon’, it shows that not only are they ungrateful but they take us Sierra Leoneans as illiterates. The citizens who live in this country know what it means to feed themselves and their families on a daily basis, yet the SLPP claimed the international community was responsible for them losing the elections.

Berewa was even the one who stated that we should be happy when we were placed at the bottom of the human development index two years ago. He even went further to organise a party in Bintumani to celebrate that. Now he is casting blame on innocent people who have spent their time, energy and money to help and lift us up from the state that the SLPP government has placed us. Eleven years ago they claimed they can solve all our problems with lofty promises. They still want to use these same old promises to win another election when they were not able to deliver on the first ones. Our fathers use to say “fors fool no to fool, na de second wan na im na fool. We are no longer fools.
I want Tejan Kabbah and Solomon Berewa to know that they cannot intimidate us. If we can stand up to soldiers who are trained killers, they should know we can stand up to them and anything that they can come up with.

PLease SLPP, stop making our country a laughing stock or you will only have yourselves to blame. The People have spoken. Lonta

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