These killings must stop ! !

The killings of black youths by white cops and the violent reaction in Dallas, which resulted in execution-styled murder of 5 cops have put the United States on edge.

There are so many complaints and furor over alleged racism by American cops and the seemingly unending murder of black youths , but the police killings in Dallas are not the solution. They are not the answer to the problem, however vexing the situation.

Whatever the facts with police brutality and racism , cops are great guys. There are bad cops, to be sure,  but they are in the minority. Most of our cops are heroes and heroines. They protect us and keep us safe. They work very hard , under very trying circumstances,  to make our world safe.

Cops put their lives on the wire to ensure our peace and security.


The killing of blacks by cops is wrong and reprehensible and everything must be done to stop it. We have had too much of it and the situation is not improving. Fears that these police killings will provoke a race war somewhere along the line are not unfounded. Blacks feel that their young are being picked on and killed during traffic stops and black civilians-white police confrontations. Everything must be done to change this perception.

America does not need that.

The killing of cops in response to the shooting deaths of civilians is equally wrong, deplorable, unacceptable  and unjustified. A tit-for-tat world will not serve mankind any worthy purpose. We must let the law take its course against cops who kill black youths. We cannot take the law into our own hands. It is wrong and it is counter-productive and dangerous to the security of the state. The Police must be supported by the community because they are a force for good. 



Let us all learn to get along( Black, white, pink or red ) ,  bridle our passions and respect human life. That is the foundation of our civilization.

May God take control of the present untenable and explosive situation in America and speak healing , peace and forgiveness to the families of the slain black youths and the 5 cops who died in Dallas. May we see an end to all these killings .

That is what we need in our world today.

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