UPDATE FROM KENEMA : Interview with W.J .Smith

Posted by KABS KANU on September 08, 2007 at 16:25:31:

I just got off the phone with Mr. W.J. Smith, the APC National Secretary General. He complained that there was massive rigging .

“Since there are only 2 candidates, the ballot is smaller this time , like a receipt book. They were cutting 3,4 to 5 and giving them to their people to do multiple voting. They had a sign language. When their own people come, they are chewing gum or diamint.That is how they know he or she is one of them. They will tear out 3,4 5 ballots and give them to the person.”

“We caught them out by sending our own person with him chewing rubber mint or diamint. They gave him 4 ballots. We have reported them to the Assistant Inspector General, Elizabeth Turay and the UN Representative Mr. Benjamin. They have promised to investigate.”

Also, the Electoral commissioner ( East) told our agents to stand 400 yards away , which was against the guidelines. I confronted him about this .

COCORIOKO : Have they started counting :
ANSWER : We told our agents not to sign them. There is no way we are going to accept the results after such massive rigging.



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