UPDATE FROM KONO : COCORIOKO interviews Ms. Yeyeh Sam-Sumana

Posted by KABS KANU on September 08, 2007 at 16:05:57:

I just got off the phone with Ms.Yeyeh Sam-Sumana , sister of the APC running mate. She said the polls were peaceful in Kono and she was very thankful to the Police and the army for their excellent work.

QUESTION : How did your brother’s party fare ?
Yeyeh Sam-Sumana : This time , we thank God. But the counting is going on and I dont want to give you any false figures. However, in the constituencies where they last beat us heavily, this time it is only by 3-5 votes. In the places we beat them, we are winning and the votes are higher for us this time.

YEYEH : From what we have seen so far, APC might pull off Kono , by the Grace of God. But as I said I don’t want to give you false figures yet. If you call me tomorrow, I would be able to give you the real figures
QUESTION : Why do you think APC might pull it off in Kono ?
YEYEH: You must be here to understand. First, we can tell from the people leaving after voting. Secondly, you can know when most of the voters are your own . ALSO, UNLIKE THE LAST ELECTIONS, WE DON’T HAVE MANY VOIDED VOTES THIS TIMES, ONLY 3-4 IN SOME PLACES WHEREAS IN THE LAST ELECTION, IT WAS IN HUNDREDS.

QUESTION : Was there any violence ?
YEYEH : There was no violence. The Police and the ARMY DID WELL
COCORIOKO : Ok, Yeyeh, we will call again tomorrow for the latest .Thanks for this interview.

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