Dear Cocorioko

I write in response to an article I saw in your Newspaper. I will be very happy to see this leter publshed in your newspaer. This is a reply to a Mr Lebbie, a stauch supporter of the SLPP who was saying that the government did enough to compensate the Sierra Leone Military. It is really heartrending to see people who claim to be Sierra Leoneans making such statements in this day and age. Why is it that Sierra Leoneans are so hardhearted when it comes to the suffering of their colleagues.

Is it right for someone who lives in America nd knows nothing about the army saying such trash. It clearly shows the type of person he is and these are the type of people who support the SLPP. It was reasoning like this that caused Solomon Berewa and his SLPP cronies to flout the laws of our motherland and organised a Kangaro Court that convicted 24 of our gallant soldiers who risked their lives for this country for over seven years. They fail to realise that soldiers are human too. Not only is Mr Lebbie an avowed enemy of our beloved country but his naivity in things military is very plain for everyone to see. Otherwise he hould have knon hat armies artraed and prepared in peacetime so that they can perform satisfactorily during war and that is what every government in this country has failed to do. Yet they continue to berate the military. There he was, going on about The Military not fighting any war for the people of Sierra Leone and that people were killed by the Military during the war. Is he waiting  for another war to start before the government  start taking proper care of the military. Should we wait for another war to start before we realise that our soldiers are ill-equipped, ill motivated and lack proper training. By then it would be too late to remedy the situation as the APC found out. in 1991. They kept the army in a state of illpreparedness and disgruntleness for a very long time and expected the army to perform miracles when they were actually needed by the people of this country. This is exactly what this SLPP led government has done and continues to do. 

Since the 1997 episode, the SLPP has been treating the army as an enemy. Everything is done to ensure that the Military remains ill-equipped and ill-motivated because they are afraid that the military will organise another coup. I think it is time that the people of this country know what is happening for the sake of posterity. As a patriotic Sierra Leonean soldier, I am flabbergasted by the way things are going. Things are really bad within the military. Our soldiers are not motivated in any way. Our leaders within the military have lost all form of military standard and are only interested in getting what they can before they retire. Soldiers have very little regard or trust in the leadership of the army and the government because they believe they are not serving in the best interest of the army and the country. If anything should go wrong now, a repeat of 1991 will be the case because the army will not be in a position to withstand any serious confrontation with the enemy. That is why the government failed to do anything about Yenga because they know the arm cannot even withstand two Batalions of Guineans.

Mr Lebbie is a really stupid and thinks of Siera Leone not as a country but as a place for them to continue to prevent the people from getting what is rightfully theirs. 

If the people of this country can vote a party like the SLPP into power after all what they did in the 60s (Organising the first coup led by an  SLPP general, bringing tribalism into main stream politics) and the nineties (organising an illegal army called Kamajors, Selling our birthright to foreigners like Sandline and Nigerians, leading this country into being the least developed in terms of human development,  making our capital city the darkest and filthiest in the whole world and treating the average Sierra Leonean like a foreigner in his own country) and many more, then what is wrong in making the RSLAF a force that all Sierra Leoneans can be proud of by giving them proper training and benefits. The pittance that is being called benefits is not even up to the standard in any other west african country, so why should this idiot say such things. We are tired of people like him using the oldest excuse for politicians to continue to show their stupidity in public (Our Predecessors did this). It would have been better for him to keep quiet and let people who have Sierra Leone and not the SLPP at heart say the truth. 

We all know that the APC did lot of bad` things that led this country into economic decline. That is the reason why we failed to vote for them in 1996 and 2002. We also know that the SLPP has done worse than what the APC did from the late sixties to the early nineties. That is why we are not going to vote for them this year. The only reason they approved a new Terms and Conditions of Service for the Military at this time is for soldiers to vote for them in the coming elections. Please Mr Lebbie, tell Solomon Berewa and the entire SLPP that we are not stupid even  though that is what they think. We will vote for a party that will have not only the army at heart but the entire country and that party is not the SLPP. Lonta. Mr Lebbie, (ousai dem keep glass, nor sen stone daae) He who lives in a glass house should not be the first one to start throwing stones)

Brima Kamara 
Concerned and Patriotic Soldier


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