By Kabs Kanu

People do not hate President Bio . NOBODY HATES HIM. We in the APC know that we are coming back to power . It is just a matter of time. So we do not criticize him because we are out of power. Politics in Sierra Leone will always be a ding-dong battle.

It is the things President BIo does and the things he omits to do that make people criticize him .

I , for one, give him credit when he does any deserving thing. Recently, I commended him for his farm at Tihun. I have also given him credit for cleaning the city, bringing back soccer and for his reforms in the educational field, whatever the problems. I know that is the only way people will take my writings seriously —When I give credit where credit is due and blame where blame is due.

If Bio wants Sierra Leoneans to love him, he has to stop his blatant and nation – destabilizing tribalism , human rights abuses , harassment of former President Ernest Koroma, arbitrary arrests of APC personalities, become development -oriented , behave like the true Father of the Nation and show empathy for victims of environmental disasters and violence by his supporters. He must also fix the economy. You cannot have such a bad economy and not expect people to criticize you.

Sierra Leoneans who voted for President Bio had very high expectations . They thought he was going to deliver a new direction as he promised but President Bio has disappointed them badly. Since he came to power, he has spent more time hounding President Koroma and APC members and traveling around the world than sitting down and seriously doing his job.

The Sierra Leonean people are very disappointed . This was not what they bargained for when they voted for President Bio. Paopa supporters have to be honest with themselves. The New Direction has brought nothing new and good for the Sierra Leonean people.

All the New Direction has brought are a worsening of our economic woes, tribalism, human rights abuses, interference with the judiciary and Parliament, beating, maiming and killings of political opponents and hatred and enmity towards Northerners and Westerners .

These are the reasons that Sierra Leoneans are criticizing President Bio. He is a huge disappointment to the nation .

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