Agenda For Prosperity : Government is fixing Freetown city’s temporary electricity problems



The same President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, who transformed Sierra Leone from one of the darkest countries in the world to one enjoying electricity on a 24-hour basis before the recent problem with the Bumbuna Hydroelectricity Dam, will definitely accelerate his efforts to make  the provison of electricity one of his flagship  priorities . The indications are there for all reasonable people to see. All efforts are being expended to fix the problems  that  arose this month that are temporarily affecting 24-hour supply of electricity. The Government has not rested on its oars.

President Koroma’s Agenda For Prosperity , which will mark his second term in office , has electricity as one of its core landmark  priorities.

According to a recent report in the AWOKO newspaper, the Minister of Energy and Power, Mr. Oluniyi Robin-Coker , said that the two turbines generating electricity at the Bumbuna Dam have developed problems, which has affected the flow of electricity to the city. The Minister however gave the assurance that everything was being done to fix the problems.

As some watchers of government progress have appealed, Sierra Leoneans should learn to be patient with a hard-working government when problems surface. Our people have to understand that machines, however  new and modern, are still not immune from developing periodic mechanical problems. People should have confidence that the very government that placed their electricity problems at the top of its priorities will not abandon them at midstream. When problems arise, we should think about the record of the government in delivering social services.

The All People’s Congress ( APC ) Government of President Ernest Koroma has been very proactive in improving the lives of the Sierra Leonean people and will definitely continue to deliver under the Agenda For Prosperity. We should however note that we do not live in a perfect world. Problems will always arise when we least expect them with social and infrastructural facilities. It should however be expected that the Government will always rise to the occasion and do all it takes to solve the problems.

In fact, the report below should give every Sierra Leonean the confidence that President Koroma and the APC Government are determined to transform the whole country further by providing electricity in every hook and nook of the country. It is just a matter of time. The report shows how the government is busy working with international partners to continue developing the country socio-economically and politically.

The report is culled from ECOSEED, a newsletter that deals with energy, environment and the economy in the world . READ :

Sierra Leone to be lit up by 13 off-grid solar projects


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Sierra Leone to be lit up by 13 off-grid solar projects 

African village in the South of Sierra Leone

Electricity shortage is a common problem in the nation of Sierra Leone’s experience. Now a public-private partnership funded by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization is planning to bring solar power to some of the areas that need it most.

In the western African country, just less than 10 percent of its population has access to electricity and those that do subsequently suffer from high prices due to inefficient and costly generators.

The Unido is planning to address this problem in several locations by funding 13 turn-key solar photovoltaic power plants. Laos-based social enterprise Sunlabob Renewable Energy has been awarded two contracts for the design, supply, installation and local training of these projects.

Sunlabob specializes in renewable energy and clean water projects in developing countries. To complete the solar P.V. plants – twelve 5-kilowatt peak plants and one 16 kWp plant – they will work with local partners.

They will also provide hands-on usage and maintenance training with community members to establish awareness and understanding to allow prolonged operations of solar P.V. plants.

“Providing off-grid areas with renewable energy not only enables dependable and affordable electricity, but also opens the door to positive, long-term social and economic development,” said Andy Schroeter, Sunlabob’s founder and chief executive officer.

The off-grid solar P.V. projects are expected to help promote Sierra Leone’s economic growth, delivering a reliable power supply in education and training facilities.

Universities and centers will be able to use computers, internet and other communication tools to improve education opportunities and learn skills necessary in local enterprise development, said Sunlabob.

Sunlabob previously designed, installed and provided community training for 53 kWp solar P.V. plants across three industrial growth centers in Sierra Leone in 2012. These plants are paving the way for agricultural entrepreneurship training and development for rural youth and young adults in underprivileged communities, according to the company.

Within Africa, Sunlabob already built solar power facilities in rural areas of Liberia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Guinea Bissau, and is currently working to light up over 60 schools throughout Uganda in partnership with the World Bank. – EcoSeed Staff

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