Alpha Saidu Bangura slams self-styled “Concerned Sierra Leoneans” for hypocrisy and calls for boycott of tomorrow’s demonstration

Alpha Saidu Bangura,  the de facto Spokesman of the self-styled Concerned Sierra Leoneans who demonstrated twice against President Ernest Bai Koroma in the U.S. during the past fortnight, has seen the light and has lashed ferociously at the organization for hypocrisy . The man who was inviting Sierra Leoneans to demonstrate is now  calling  on all Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP )  supporters  and Sierra Leoneans to boycott tomorrow’s planned demonstration at the United Nations Headquarters in New York .



In an audio being circulated widely on social media, Mr. Bangura says that it would be hypocritical to demonstrate against President Koroma and the All People’s Congress ( APC ) for the dismissal of the former Vice-President , Mr. Samuel Sam Sumana , when the SLPP  has done the same thing by expelling from their party prospective presidential aspirant, Ambassador Allie Essah Bangura , who Alpha Saidu is saying has sacrificed far more for the party than Chief Somano Kapen, Maada Bio and others.

Mr. Bangura is demanding that a banner be included in tomorrow’s demonstration damning the SLPP  for what he described as the illegal expulsion of Ambassador Bangura or else the demonstration should be boycotted because it would be hypocritical to demonstrate against Sam Sumana’s dismissal when the SLPP  has also done the same thing. Alpha Saidu has now seen sense in what everybody is saying : The so-called demonstrations against President Koroma for dismissing Sam Sumana are hypocritical because the SLPP is full of  tribalism, duplicity , hypocrisy and double standards which they proved when they  dismissed a high-ranking presidential aspirant for using the judicial process to seek redress for anomalies within the party .

The present chaos that has beset the self-styled Concerned Sierra Leoneans demonstrates what Sierra Leoneans had believed all along that the group is SLPP  fortune-hunters and power-seekers in disguise . It is an organization of frustrated Sierra Leoneans who are tired of eating Macdonald’s and Kentucky fried chickens in America and are lusting to return home . Since many of them cannot get jobs with the APC Government, they have decided to use the Sam Sumana issue to vent their frustration at President Koroma. If they are real and credible concerned Sierra Leoneans, they would not have needed Alpha Saidu to goad them to protest too against the expulsion of Ambassador Bangura.

The  hypocrisy of the SLPP in highjacking the Sam Sumana issue for their own selfish and power-hungry ends when they can do nothing better , has thrown the so-called Concerned Sierra Leoneans and the SLPP in complete disarray.

As is their wont, the SLPP  has started to damage the character of Mr. Bangura, a man who has sacrificed immensely for them, accusing him of having been paid to dissent, though , whatever could be said of Alpha Saidu Bangura’s irrational attacks on the APC  , people know his commitment to the SLPP and his morbid dislike for the APC and know it is not easy for anybody to approach him  to accept any pay to turn against his party. It is just vintage SLPP. ANYBODY WHO TELLS THEM THE TRUTH IS GAME FOR CHARACTER -ASSASSINATION.

Sierra Leoneans are now opining that Alpha Saidu will learn. He will learn that the SLPP is nothing but a tribalistic and selfish political party that cares only for its own selfish ends.

Francis Mattia, a spokesman of the Concerned Sierra Leoneans, in  ranting in a video on Facebook and seeking to throw the kitchen sink at Mr. Alpha Saidu Bangura, angered Sierra Leoneans instead when he said that their organization does not care whom the SLPP  dismisses or whether the SLPP amputates the hands or heads of its members  and that they are only concerned about good governance. The question is : Does that ranting rabble-rouser know the true meaning of good governance ? Many people believe he does not , because how can one talk of good governance in any country without being concerned about whether the opposition violates its constitution or maims its members  ? Governance involves not only the functions of the ruling party but the opposition party, who are  part of the equation  ! ! ! Mattia only demonstrated the wrong-headedness and ignorance of his organization.

HOWEVER, whatever happens tomorrow, their demonstration is going to be effectively countered on Tuesday by the SIERRA LEONEANS FOR PEACE standing with President Ernest Koroma. The chaos that has beset the so-called Concerned Sierra Leoneans over their hypocrisy, duplicity and double standards have given the SIERRA LEONEANS FOR PEACE sufficient fuel to make the world know on Tuesday that the self-styled Concerned Sierra Leoneans are only speaking for their own narrow and bigoted interests and do not represent even the whole SLPP, not to mention Sierra Leoneans.

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