Maada Bio invites Samura Kamara to State House for tripartite Committee but dictator’s gesture divides APC

By Kabs Kanu

President Maada Bio today invited the opposition All People’s Congress ( APC ) Presidential candidate for the 2023 elections , Dr. Samura Kamara to State House “to discuss pertinent issues relating to the operations of the Tripartite Committee “, but the invitation has sparked a firestorm in the APC, whose members are calling on Samura Kamara not to go.

APC partisans , who have high hopes that the Tripartite Committee will result in favorable outcomes for their party, do not trust President Bio and want Dr. Samura Kamara not to trust him too. They fear that reality has dawned on President Bio that the Committee might turn out unexpected results for his governance( Despite strong protests to the contrary by SLPP supporters and rebels of the APC ) and the invitation is a ploy to begin undermining the works of the Tripartite Committee.

Other APC supporters fear that President is inviting Dr. Samura Kamara to entice him to compromise major areas of Resolution 3 of the Tripartite committee communique signed by the SLPP, APC and international stakeholders, which could result in early elections in Sierra Leone or other unpleasant outcomes that might not bode well for his rule.

They are also warning Dr. Samura Kamara to beware of Maada Bio entreaties, considering how they almost ended in tragedy for other APC members like former Minister of Defence, Palor Conteh , who was accused of illegally carrying a gun to State House while honoring an invitation from Maada Bio and even ended up being charged to court.

As for some APC officials and a member of the Tripartite committee. the invitation was in fact a wrong procedure by President Bio, because Samura Kamara is not a member of the committee .

They believe that if Bio really wanted a serious discussion about the operations of the Tripartite Committee, he should have invited one of the bona fide members of committee–  Dr. Keifala Marah or Dr. Richard Konteh.Samura Kamara has no power to impose on the committee any agreement between him and Maada Bio because he is not part of the committee.  But many people said it was vintage Maada Bio in action . He never follows the right procedure or obeys laws and conventions. Bio believes that everything must bow down and conform to his wishes and procedures.But APC supporters are threatening on social media to vehemently oppose any agreement between Bio and Samura that contradicts the purpose and spirit of the Tripartite committee.

Will Samura Kamara listen to his party supporters and not attend the meeting with Maada Bio ?


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  1. Current APC Leader is a good “follower”; not a good leader. APC needs a leader endowed with superior intellectual sagacity; do not forget that he was part of the erstwhile APC Regime of decline worsened by current President Maada-Bio’s PAOPA-SLPP – cursed leaderships. Lest I forget, will Ex-Speaker Abass Bundu now be invited by SL Police IG to serve his sentence which resulted from his misappropriation of both new SL passports monies with the passports?

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