Monday April 24, 2006

First_Name:  Foday Musa
Last_Name:  Daboh

Comments:  I am troubled by Hashim Daboh’s piece aimed at President Kabba and President Berewa come May,2007.It troubles me because Hashim’s hatred for President Kabba and VP Berewa has blinded him to the numerous achievements of this SLPP administration.I am not saying everything has been perfect but definitely it has not been as bleak as Hashim paints it.

I know for sure it is almost a decade since Hashim left Sierra Leone but I know he talks to people in Sierra Leone and I am sure if those people are fair they should be telling Hashim the strides this government is making to restoring our basic social needs and infrastuctures.There is no chiefdom in Sierra Leone that can not boast of a school,hospital or market.Hashim,mind you the war only ended in 2002 but today we talk of an economic growth of more than 6%,one of the highest in the world.Ours is probably not noticeable because of the size of the country and the economy.

Hashim,I want to know if you and other PMDC supporters would be making the same comments against Kabba and Berewa had Charles won the party’s nomination for president.The answer I know is a big no and if this is so then I smell hypocrisy and personal agrandisement.

It is not just enough to talk about government officials being corrupt,there has to be physical evidence to corroborate such allegations.There is what you call in government collective responsibility which makes your man Charles culpable of the same corruption he now accuses the Kabba administration of because he was part of that administration for a couple of years.And I know he resigned from the cabinet not because of the gargantuan corruption as you now alleged but because he wanted to run against president Kabba at a time when President Kabba’s rating was over 70%.

I know you have still not recovered from the shocker that Charles like other ministers dished out contracts to relatives and cronies.Charles went further than most of the other ministers by ensuring his wife got contracts in a ministry which he headed.That is an absolute conflict of interest.You know that is not possible here in the States.You remember the Halliburton contract in Iraq.Vice President Cheney had left Halliburton long ago to serve in his present capacity but he was still blasted for that.So you see Charles’is more serious.Die hard supporters like you Hashim may pretend not to be worried by this but those sitting on the fence right now,the undecided majority will definitely go back to the SLPP because they have no guarantee Charles will be any different.

Please be assured that Berewa is going to make an even better president than Kabba.

There is still a place in the party for those of you that I know regretted leaving the GOP in the first place.

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