Civil Society group condemns hike in the price of petrol in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Renaissance Movement

*The Renaissance Movement* Sierra Leone stands in solidarity with the Ordinary People of Sierra Leone to condemn the recent inconsiderate and unjustified hike in the price of fuel by the government of Sierra Leone.

To express our collective frustration and implore our government to *consider the suffering of the masses* and immediately reverse the said price hike, we announce the following peaceful, democratic mass actions:

1. #BlackMonday Action: We applaud all our patriotic citizens who wore black today to protest the hike. We encourage you to continue to post your pictures on social media and share your personal stories using videos, audios and other posts. Your voice is being heard. We encourage others to continue to wear black during the week using the hashtags to share your posts *#blackIstheNewRed*, *#RenaissanceMovement #*

2. *#WalktoWork* on Friday 18th November: We invite all citizens, whether you have a job or not, whether you go to work or not, to join us on Friday morning, wherever you are to simply WALK in the morning instead of taking taxis or cars for just one hour. From *7:30-8:30AM.* We are walking to resist this hike and to stand in solidarity with millions whose lives will be affected by the government’s unreasonable and inconsiderate actions.


The *Renaissance movement* is a citizens’ mass movement of patriotic Sierra Leoneans across all political, ethnic, regional and religious lines. Our goal is simply to put Sierra Leone first and mobilize the forces of discontent to get their government to finally pay attention to them.

We thank Sierra Leoneans everywhere for standing in solidarity together to demand better from their government.

We hope the police and the authorities will listen to these voices and resist the urge to resort to the dark brutal and authoritarian days of intimidation and suppression.

*Long live Sierra Leone!*
*Long live the people’s voice!*
*Long Live the Renaissance!*

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