If I am President, I will also have the right to say Americans will not come to my country, ” says Maada Bio

“The Americans have the right to say I shouldn’t go to their country. *If I am President, I will also have the right to say Americans will not come to my country.”*

*Julius Maada Bio*
On AYV TV at exactly 10:15am
25th October 2017




The butterfly thinks he is a bird.

Is Sierra Leone a Venezuela, Libya, North Korea, Palestine or South Africa?

Somebody drum it home to Maada Bio that we will not sit down and allow him to drag our nation into the funeral pyre. Does Sierra Leone have the financial power to antagonize the only Super power of the World? If America decides to teach that big headed midget a lesson by curtailing all our access to the financial institutions over which they have so much influence, can Sierra Leone survive ? Can we do without the U.S?

The only reason why our country is shinning now is the outstanding leadership provided by President Ernest N
Bai Koroma and the international respect and goodwill he brought to our nation. We would have perished long ago. Had it not been for countries like America ,,,,,

Maada has shown that he does not care for Sierra Leone. He only wants power for power’s sake.

This is what annoys some of us most about Maada Bio. He does not know the difference between Sierra Leone and his Leymbema village. He will not win, but if it had ever been possible for him to do, does he intend running our country like Leymbema Village ? Does he know what it means for a desperately poor country like Sierra Leone to antagonize the great U.S ?

I do not blame Maada Bio. I blame the unseriousness of some Sierra Leoneans. It is only in a country like Sierra Leone that somebody like Maada Bio can aspire to be a President. It shows how low we can sink as a nation.

Did he really say that ?

What is wrong with him ?

That statement is not only an insult to America. It is an insult to the intelligence of our people.

What is really wrong with Maada Bio ?

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