INSIDE : The type of photo immature and petulant SLPP supporters would not want you to see

The eye contact, the ambiance and the body language tell it all , but do not show photos like this to SLPP supporters. You will make them go berserk.  You have to give it to the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) fanatics and psychotics . Not only do they master the art of twisting facts to suit their childish and naive thinking; their interpretation  of events is cruelly demented and at times  when they talk you wonder if they have any gray matters up their brains  .


Their pettiness  and immaturity do not just amaze. They make you wonder if these people who love to wear green  are from a different planet, because you will not find  anybody on this earth so adept at framing cheap consolations from “None-such News” and  “None-such events”  as SLPP supporters  do with flourish.

First , they said President Koroma would not be coming to the U.S. because he would not be welcome ( Why any rational person would think that way beats me ) ; When the announcement came that President Koroma would be coming , they shifted gears. Yes, he might come, but he might not go to the White House . President Obama would not receive him ( Again, why human beings expected to base their facts on reasoned conclusions  would just be concocting fantasies should beat any rational person ) .

Then , it was announced that President Koroma and the other two Mano River Union leaders of Liberia and Guinea would be holding talks at the White House with President Obama. Guess what became their consolation next ? A fake article by the fake Josephine Koroma ( CRUELLY using the late Whitney Houston’s picture ) , who is actually Jacob Jusu Saffa in disguise , but written under the name of an American journalist . The fake article  states  that it was Liberia’ s President Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who lobbied for President Obama to receive her colleague West African leaders at the White House . This, the fake Josephine Koroma , faking the American name “Jacqueline A. Kendall ” said happened after President Obama had rejected two requests from President Koroma to meet him –A whooping lie with alarm bells  ringing all over it. President Koroma at no time made any such requests.

Still, the fact that President Koroma was at the White House again was too debilitating and crushing a blow for SLPP  fanatics to bear. Their hate for President Koroma is too intense for them to see him ever achieve a laurel ( Though no right-thinking mortal would see it as an achievement for the President of a sovereign state to go to the White House. It is not a big deal at all, but to immature and naive SLPP  supporters, it is ).  Unable to bear the pain of seeing President Koroma at the White House, SLPP supporters took naivety and childishness to another entirely different level by stating that the positioning of the seats of the three MRU Presidents at the White House was done in a way that President Koroma was cast on the extreme side to avoid any fruitful contact between him and Obama . To them, the seating arrangements depicted a snob for President Koroma. Obama did not want to talk with Koroma at all.

But we are publishing this photo, courtesy of the WASHINGTON POST,  which completely demolishes the childish theory of the arrangement of seats at the White House by   petty SLPP  spin -masters. President Obama is seen here  speaking directly to President Koroma. The eye-contact between the two men and their body language indicate not only a synergy but  that President Obama was directly talking to  his colleague, President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone, and whatever they were discussing was very important to the central theme of their meeting.

President Obama has no reason whatsoever not to want to deal with one of the most progressive Presidents on the African continent, President Ernest Koroma. This is the kind of cheap and childish propaganda that makes Sierra Leoneans not to take the SLPP seriously.  The things the SLPP  concentrate on do not show a serious political party. While serious Sierra Leoneans are thinking about the positive results that would emanate from this latest trip abroad by President Koroma, the SLPP  are very busy talking about seating arrangements and concocting crazy theories. What a shame.

President Obama will a;ways receive President Koroma at the White House because he appreciates EBK’ s performance. Read his opening statement at the meeting.

No  SLPP  president has ever been invited to the White House. For President Koroma, this is his second time since he came to power in 2007.

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