Octopuses do not have tentacles: they have arms


Greetings my brothers and sisters. The two leaders of the various parties complained about violence but news confirms one’s allegation. Is it fair that he makes his disappointment of such malpractice? Absolutely. We here must be willing to distinguish ourselves by adopting the practices we know are correct, appropriate and appreciable for a proper democratic practice by not subscribing to the very method we find inappropriate because we have seen a better practice that is admirable.
We must stop this sentimental euphoria otherwise, we need to learn more about civilization and how democracy works in these civilisations and what benefits they have derived from such practices as oppose to the one that the people’s voice is squeezed in an attempt to quiet them on an election season.

I pray that you calm down to see that the new President, the Hon. Earnest Bai Koroma go to State House with peace and confidence to pull the wrinkles in our faces, thrust on us by S.L.P. misrule. That is what makes it funnier when we revert to the 5th. Century thinking of assassination for no apparent reason, when we do not even know details of what is going on but would want to be seen in light of those who know with such undemocratic and uncivilized mindset; while those involved are seeing and reading such Dark Age, hooliganism, savage mentality in what should be mind over matter.



Be it political or not, we should never tolerate the idea of killing another being just because what we expected did not work in our favor. Such toleration is barbaric, savage and untwentieth-Century-like. We are now in a global civilasation where, idea has or is it appropriate in this case to say should, overshadowed such mentality of brutality.

Come on, it is just an election. After the counting we are back to what we are and are good for. So why don’t we embrace each other because until we know for fact that the goods are delivered, we must join hands as brothers and sisters because we are the ones that will suffer the brunt eventually.

Let us unite. United we stand divided we fall. I love you all, God bless us all.
Thi hi!

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