Praises and ugly allegations fly, as Chief Minister puts 106 more State House employees out of jobs

Moses Ben Kanu 
 This is indeed one of the greatest initiative I admire most . A major governance policy that will help fix our defunct areas that has leverage our economic woes in the Sierra Leone . The nation need a comprehensive structural reform programme in all facet of life for our sustainable economic growth.
Yankuba Kai-samba I fully support this decision by the chief minister. 2 million dollars per annum for 106 employees is an outrage

*The Office of Chief Minister In Sinister Political Move to Sack and Lie About It*

It has come to the notice of the general populace that the Office of the Chief Minister is out to play sinister politics that is out of sync with its terms of reference announced on the day the office was created. Let it be know that the erstwhile Office of the Chief of Staff ran several projects, some of which were paid for by international partners and the staff members recruited through a competitive process involving these partners. The projects included the Presidential Delivery Team set up to support recovery from Ebola and which successfully carried out its mandate to the satisfaction of the erstwhile government and its partners. The team coordinated the building of schools, reopening of hospitals, recovery of farmlands and supported economic recovery. Another Programme of the erstwhile Office of Chief of Staff was the MCC which was able to attract upwards of 40 million dollars as support to the country. Other offices within the Office of the Chief of Staff included advisors who were professionals in their fields, with advanced degrees.

Furthermore let it be known that the erstwhile Government did a lot of work on establishing a Wages & Compensation Commission, that would streamline compensation across the public service. It was approved by the President EB Koroma and Cabinet. All the work had been done, Including revised Job descriptions,job analysis, Job Evaluation and a Labour Market Survey. All these fed into an objective new proposed Pay & Grading structure. And the erstwhile government had sourced a Consultant who was the CEO of the Ghana Fair Wages &Salaries Commission which sets wages for the Ghanaian public sector.

It is therefore disingenuous for the Office of the Chief Minister to try to cover their wholesome sacking of staff on the basis of wanting to save money or false statements that they are setting up a more competitive system when it is very clear that the new Office of Chief Minister just wants to create space for biased recruitment based on membership of the SLPP. This may also be the sub text reasoning behind recent circulars asking for CVs of civil servants. The stated official reason is just a smokescreen, and we may soon witness widespread transfers or sacking of persons perceived as not coming from SLPP strongholds. Hundreds have already been sacked or transferred to positions below their expertise. Thousands are on the verge of being sacked.

The public is also informed that based on the proposed TOR of the Office of Chief Minister most of which mimicked functions of the erstwhile Chief of Staff, we know that more staff would soon be recruited with a bloated wage bill. Already, persons are positioning themselves to occupy positions that would be created within that office.

We also wish to advise the proposed Chief Minister to stay within the mandate of his TOR and refrain from making biased and inexperienced political statements. We understand that the University of Bradford where the Chief Minister was working forced someone to resign for things relating to monies inappropriately lost by the University in a project it was doing with an Ethiopian NGO. We also know about unethical practices relating to the supervision of a PhD thesis, for which there was some academic ruckus at the same university. The nation would be advised of the details of these actions in due course. We salute those members of the SLPP including high profile officers who are fighting against the sinister moves by an extremist core.

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The very first action of our newly appointed Chife Minister has left over 146 Sierra Leoneans including drivers, cleaners, messengers Etc without bread and butter to feed their families.

When President Koroma was elected into office in 2007, he did not sack any Sierra Leonean working within the office of Late President Kabba ( including myself). Instead, he sourced the service of UNDP, World Bank and other donor partners to re-advertise all Management positions and select the right man for the right job.

After this process we had Sierra Leoneans from all tribes regardless if you are an APC supporter or not.

See the below 7 unit’s in just one letter that has been dissolved:

Extractive Industry and Transformation Initiative- EITI

Perfromance Management and Service Delivery – PMSD

Millennium Challange Coordinating Unit – MCCU

Strategy and Policy Unit – SPU

Private public Partnership – PPP

Communications Unit

Citizens Committees

This is unbelievable!!!!

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 Saloneans: the chief minister’s press release was impressive and gave us a hint on sound fiscal management
Boye Jallo Jamboria Fine change of Baton may be ! Wages bills have gone up not down. Do the math in more ministries and deputies plus new civil servants to be recruited for the new ministries . The units he now supervised had staff and these are the ones terminated . They have to be replaced anyway . It robbing Peter to pay Paul tactics made to look like streamlining !
Hugh Kweku Fraser It is being argued that several of those positions were programmes/projects financed by donors (e.g. the Recovery programme by DFID) and not by the consolidated or other govt funds. Unless of course, the 106 staff mentioned in the Chief Min’s memo only includes those funded by govt. It would be useful to know which it is.
Jere Thomas This is not witch-hunting. Ask the Americans what happens in the White House when there is a change of administration.

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