President Koroma Has The Uncanny Ability To Keep The APC United

President Koroma Has The Uncanny Ability To Keep The APC United



Whatever your orientation, one of the facts of life you will not dispute is that politics is a bitter and contentious preoccupation. In politics , even in the advanced democracies like Britain and the U.S, the going  does get ugly . Watch the deadly manner the Labour party, the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats in the UK and the  Republicans and Democrats in the U.S.  tear each other apart  publicly and in newspapers and tabloids like hungry hounds ; In the  only super power of the world , see  how the Republicans have led America into sequestration,  all in the name of incurable partisan politics.

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That is why the veterans always say that if you cannot stand the heat , do not get into the kitchen ( Politics ) because you will definitely find yourself in the crucible , one way or the other. As Sheku Sheriff of the Segbwema Blog would like to say, the mad battle for government appointments  does get sublime  ! ! !

And the dirty game of mudslinging and morbid hatred is not being played out only by  the tribe of citizens we have come to label ‘politicians’ , i.e. those holding power and decision -making positions in government and those seeking them . In fact, life itself is politics . As Craig Crawford postulates in his book , THE POLITICS OF LIFE : 25 RULES  FOR SURVIVAL IN A BRUTAL AND MANIPULATIVE WORLD, “Wherever humans are found, there is politics”. He goes to say that “The human being is nature’s top predator. As such, we prey for control. Whether inventing umbrellas to control the effects of nature or bombing nations to subdue them, we never stop seeking control. Even driving our car presents a series of roving battles and negotiations to control and defend our space, the essence of politics “.

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There is politics among journalists as those who are perceptive can readily see. There is politics among government appointees  and those seeking to take their positions from them  . There is politics in the school , the church, the newspaper office, the mosque,  the bank, the political party, government, the home , everywhere. Even kids are prone to be politicians once in a while ,  if only to play on the minds of their parents to tease one or either of them to seize the reins and provide what they want. That is why people should stop talking as if something strange is happening when politicians, journalists or church or family members begin fighting each other. There will always be in-fighting  wherever human beings congregate  or where  their interests converge , especially in the political arena  .

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What makes the world of difference, however, is STRONG LEADERSHIP THAT BINDS PEOPLE OF COMPETING INTERESTS TOGETHER . There must be  leaders in society who have the unshakable ability to keep their organizations or parties together, amidst the storm . Leadership is the common denominator and pivot on whose axis rotate the peace or chaos of an organization or party. While the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) is virtually dying on its feet because of the dearth of inspiring leadership that keeps feuding and competing party supporters and officials together, the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) is blessed to have a leader who is a master of diplomatic and peace-making politics in the person of the Leader of the party and President of the nation, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

Twice within a fortnight, President Koroma has left his very busy schedule at State House and driven deep into the interior  to  help to bring peace in two key strongholds of the party –Port Loko and Tonkolili (Mile 91).In both scenerios, President Koroma used his masterful skills of a diplomat and negotiator to get feuding parties to drop their contention in the interest of the partyand smoke the peace pipe. And this is not the first time. President Koroma took over the APC at a time when the party had not only become moribund as a result of the destructive effects of the 1992 military coup against it and the tribulation suffered by members but the APC was a colossus of chaos and the most self-destructive infighting .However, the master tactician, peace-maker and consensus -builder he is, President Koroma successfully united the APC  and gloriously led it to two consecutive victories in landmark elections in Sierra Leone in 2007 and 2012.

Once President Koroma is at the helm, there is no way the APC  will flounder at the rocks of bitter rivalries, feuds and divisiveness .He is a blessed peacemaker and will continue to unite the party.

Summarily, what should concern the APC  now is not whether there will be infighting when Koroma  steps down in 2017.There will be. Politics will always be politics. The concern should be whether his successor will have the same abilities and skills to continue to bring feuding parties together, reconcile them and make them sing and dance to the same song . However, the APC  has the ability to always overcome its problems and bubble to the top like cream. In the struggle of the APC,  there is always victory . The party will successfully cross the bridge of a suitable and competent replacement for President Koroma when it gets there.

For now, we thank President Koroma for once again demonstrating his outstanding leadership skills , abilities and charisma to keep the party united. We hope the flames of reconciliation and peace will continue to burn in Port Loko and Tonkolili .

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