Sierra Leone opposition leader Maada Bio’s incitement of nation brings out anguished outcry from startled country and diplomatic corps

Opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP) Leader Maada Bio, the former head of a military junta that killed innocent Sierra Leoneans and who is barred from entering the U.S.  because of his bloody human rights record, stirred an indignant and anguished outcry from the nation yesterday,  when in his first response to the injunction slammed on the presidential election runoff, he threatened to tell his already restive and hostile supporters to come out into the streets to protest .
At the SLPP Press conference held at the Bintumani Radisson Blu hotel yesterday,  the party’s Presidential flagbearer Rtd Julius Maada Bio said he would not hesitate to call on his SLPP SUPPORTERS or Sierra Leoneans to jump out on the street, especially if the presidential run offs are not held on Tuesday 27th March .He also said during the question-and-answer period that the SLPP  will not hesitate to  fight if the decision of the court is not in favor of the commencement of the runoff.
He also added that he would not recognize President H E Ernest Bai Koroma as president as his tenure will be ending on the 27th March ,2018. But the Presidential Spokesman, Abdulai Bayraytay, was quick to correct his supporters on social media that there were constitutional provisions for the president to hold over for another four months if the runoff is delayed.
Maada Bio’s inciting statements did not only rattle citizens and foreigners within our nation’s borders. The threatening remarks drew a strong rebuke from the Dean of the diplomatic corps of Sierra Leone, the Ambassador of Russia, His Excellency Mr Alexander Bregadze. The Ambassador said that “The latest Statement of the candidate Julius Maada Bio is dangerous.It threatens the liberty, democracy and national sovereignty of this Wonderful Country. That’s why it deserves to be examined in a specific and appropriate way within the National Laws of Sierra Leone and the International Justice System as it may have serious consequences. “
Many  Sierra Leoneans on the social media called for the arrest of Maada Bio because nobody is above the law.
Bio’s violent threats came as no surprise because he is noted for thuggery and brutality and has threatened to bring war to Sierra Leone if he is not elected President.
Bio’s spokesman and Publicity Secretary of the SLPP, Mr. Lawrence Leema , who has been no different from his boss with regards to thuggish behavior and threats, also made threatening remarks over the weekend.
*S.L.P.P Julius Maada Bio Accused Of Incitement…A Case For The International Criminal Court l.C.C*
Following the recent unfortunate outburst from no less a person than the 2018 Presidential Candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, (SLPP) Julius Maada Bio, promoting disorder, a cross section of Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad have vehemently condemned such an inciting statement, thus called on investigator’s of the International Criminal Court, presently in country, to take note of such sensitive statement that has the tendency to create fear and prompt brake down of law and order.
According to Mr. Bio, on Sunday 25th March 2018, in a press conference organised by the SLPP at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Freetown, Bio said that he would not hesitate to call on his SLPP SUPPORTERS, to jump out on the street on Tuesday 27th March 208, if the decision of the court is not in favor of the commencement of the runoff elections on the 27th March. He also added that he would not recognize the legitimacy of H.E Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.
A statement that has faced with serious criticisms and backlash to the disenchantment of many including Mohamed Massaquoi, a Law Student, “I think Bio needs to learn from our 11 years civil war and advice himself, because he will be held responsible if anything goes wrong before, during or after the proposed run-off polls” Massaquoi paraphrased.
A premise upheld by Mabinty Sesay, a petty trader, who furthered that Bio ought to know the whereabouts of those who were charged, tried and convicted for crimes committed in Sierra Leone, including former Liberian Head of State, Charles Taylor.
I Rest My Case…
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Agibu Tejan-Jalloh
 The Ambassador of the Russian Federation, resident in Conakry, Guinea has today on national TV in Freetown emphatically condemn threatening, seditious, incendiary and insightful statements made by the SLPP Presidential candidate at a Press Conference.
Our Civil society organizations are yet to lift a finger and or condemn such statements. This is strange, very strange. Do we have CSOs for Sierra Leone or SLPP?
#Sierra Leoneans Condemned S.L.P.P Publicity Secretary’s Unfortunate INCITING Outburst…A Case For The I.C.C
Following an unfortunate statement of a possible military coup against the Government and People of Sierra Leone, made by the Publicity Secretary, of the SLPP, Lahai Lawrence Leema, that if the current matter in the High Court of Sierra Leone, restraining NEC from continuing with their plans to conduct the proposed March 27th, run-off elections, until issues of legal interpretation raised following the conduct of the March 7th polls are addressed, does not favour the expectations of the SLPP.
However, those who listened to Leema’s closing statement, on AYV TV on Sunday, Match 25th 2018, clearly heard him made such a treasonable remarks with very little or no regard for it implications, to the disenchantment of the moderator, who abruptly stopped the show, as Leema speculated the possibilities of a military coup, if the election does not take place on March 27th, 2018 and if His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, does not leave office, respectfully.
“Very inciting to say the least”, says Mrs. Melrose Smith, a single parent, who furthered that “Government through the Office of National Security, (ONS) must request for a copy of this tape from management of the AYV, in a bid to shelve it for onward presentation to the competent legal institutions, at the appropriate time” she maintained.
In conclusion, the attention of the International Criminal Court, is also drawn to statements made and position taken by some civil society organizations with questionable characters, thus admonished them to study the trend and read in between the lines as situation unfold.
I Rest My Case!!!
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