Sierra Leone’s anti-Government criminals produce fake Transparency International 2015 Report

If you read the report in the social media that the latest Transparency International 2015 Corruption Perception Report is out and that Sierra Leone is the most corrupt country in Africa, followed by Liberia, do not treat it seriously because it is fake. Anti-government criminals in the diaspora or at home in Sierra Leone who are mastering the art of cooking up fake news stories and commentaries are behind this latest outrage. What a shame to our nation.

How can people hate their own motherland so much because their political party is not in power to the extent that they will  produce fake reports to tarnish the reputation of the country and try to embarrass the government ?

What they have done this time is to  take a very old TI Report , polish it and criminally append the year 2015 to it, release it in the social media under the name of a fake media agency and claim it is the latest TI Corruption Perception Report.



Somebody once said at a public function in New Jersey that if he were to become President , the first thing he will do will be to construct a maximum prisons facility at Banana Island, far away from public view, just for the incarceration of wicked people who hate their country so much that they will seek to demean and defame it criminally in the international world. The person said that it was criminality of the highest order to cook up fake stories about one’s country and publish them in the social media to destroy the image of the country, the international goodwill being enjoyed by the government and in the process jettison the country’s ability to get international aid and attract investment and tourists .

fake news 2


Transparency International has not released any 2015 report and the Anti-Corruption Commission ( ACC ) of Sierra Leone is angry about this latest mischief by Sierra Leoneans. What is more, in the most recent Transparency International Report ( 2014 )  Sierra Leone  was ranked  119 out of 175 countries. How could our nation have slipped so dramatically to virtually last in just a few months ? It is just not possible and secondly, Sierra Leone has been rising steeply up the ladder. Statistical calculations do not lend themselves to such dramatic changes in months. If they do, the researcher has mental problems and needs to see a shrink. But anti-government morons will stop at nothing to try to embarrass our country because their political party is not in power. Shame on them.


The Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC’s) attention has been drawn to a purported publication of Global Barometre report 2015. The Commission wishes to inform the public that there is no 2015 Global Barometre Report as at this time.

The story currently being bandied is information extracted from a report three (3) years ago.

Detractors and mischief propagandists are advised to refrain from conduct that will demean and stigmatize the country and people of Sierra Leone unduly.
The Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2014, ranked Sierra Leone 119 out of 175 countries. And more importantly, from 2010 to 2014, Sierra Leone has moved 39 spaces upwards.

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