Unfortunate developments in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leoneans will not bow to the intimidation of SLPP operatives!*
Sesay -91 (Global Voice of APC ).As the case be, furtherance to the unfortinate developments in Sierra leonean’s Parliament, SLPP like minded bigots in the Diaspora are completely oblivious to the political issues of Salone; for them it’s a simple matter of kick them out! throw them in jail!…but real politicians know very well that unless every constituency or region is represented, then there is no democracy to reflect the will of the people.I want President Bio to succeed..but this will only happen when there is peace & stability.

Let’s all preach peace to unite our people. .the irresponsible rhetorical statements of some citizens are only linked with biased political proclivities that restrict them from reaching out to detach aspects of selfishness embeded in them. Many of them never supported President Bio and so want him to fail from within, because they are not directly affected in case war breaks; some reside in the Diaspora, whilst most want to utilise the chances of seeking asylum in the west to upgrade their temporary residence permits.

*Majority of these sycophants on Social Media live in the UK & US.*

Myself, I am a British based Sierra leonean and can easily go back to what many will call “safe heaven”…but what about my friends, family & countrymen? Think Salone!!! Don’t be too excited with silly submissions on Social Media.

*President Bio must succeed for the good of Salone not SLPP!*

I’m hearing of sexual assaults And gang rapes as reprisals for not supporting the ruling party
What’s wrong with
Us? How long will this last?

Suafiatu Tunis
Suafiatu Tunis Khadi that was long ago in Kailahun where a woman stood at the Barray and DARE the people if Bio won let her sleep with all the men in the town. So when Bio won sadly the boys raided her home saying they came for payment. They forced themselves on her and raped her because they said she promised to service them. Someone daring another person is no excuse for rape though but the Long and short of it was the the boys were brought to book and were in jail. I don’t know what happened after that.


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