Police Arrest Indian and Sierra Leoneans Following Attempted Ritual Murder!

Home News: 18 March 2019

Police Arrest Indian and Sierra Leoneans Following Attempted Ritual Murder!

Riot broke out yesterday at Guard Street in Eastern Freetown after an attempted murder of a youth by an Indian and his Sierra Leonean accomplices backfired.

According to eyewitness accounts, the Sierra Leonean cellular phone seller was invited by the Indian to bring 9 mobile phones to be purchased.

When the retailer entered the Indian merchant’s living room, he was violently attacked with sharp knives as the Indian and his Sierra Leonean accomplices tried to cut the victim’s tongue to prevent him from raising alarm.

Neighbours reportedly heard the screaming of the victim and invaded the Indian’s apartment where they found the victim wailing in a pool of blood.

The victim could not speak as a large portion of his tongue had been damaged.

The police quickly intervened and arrested the Indian and his Sierra Leonean partners in crime.

The incident attracted a large crowd of people that wanted instant mob justice but the police fired teargas canisters to disperse them.

We have no update as to whether the victim who was bleeding from multiple injuries survived in hospital.

The Indian and his Sierra Leonean collaborators have been detained at the CID for further investigations.

Keep posted for the video clip on the scene of arrest by the police.

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There was chaos and commotion on the 17th March 2019 at No 20 Guard St. Freetown. Members of the community came in mass to the above address after being alerted by a caretaker of an attempted murder.

It is alleged that one Indian national called Romeo and two Sierra Leoneans attempted to kill 32 year old Bai Mamoud, a mobile phone seller.

Elias Jalloh, the caretaker of 20 Guard street, said he heard some noise and banging on the top floor and decided to check. After buzzing and no reply, he decided to use the spare key. He eventually saw ‘Romeo’ and asked about the noise and his response was that he was packing.

Unsatisfied, Jalloh proceeded to the living room and one of the boys escaped to the roof top and he saw Bai who was then bleeding profusely.

According to the caretaker, Bai told him that he’s done business with Romeo before. This time he was asked to bring 9 phones to Romeo, the Indian national’s flat. It was in the flat that he was attacked and bloodied. He seemed lucky to have escaped.

The police who were first on the scene had this to say: “we met the victim bleeding everywhere. We met the Indian man and 2 other Sierra Leoneans. We saw so many other weapons like hammers, knives and other things.”

Strangely, the policeman speaking to the Radio Democracy reporter added: “other people have testified that it’s his habit to force people to come into his flat to dump them in his drum for ritual things. ”

However, the Head of Police Media & Public Relations, Brima Kamara, when asked by the reporter about the allegation of human head and blood in a drum – said: “I did not see any human head or blood.”

Kamara said they have been to the scene and saw blood splashed everywhere: ” we saw blood splashed on the floor; we saw hand prints of blood, which suggests someone was trying to escape or struggling. There were blood stains in the bathroom, the walls and living room.”

The police have assured the public that they are investigating the matter and will charge to court anyone found wanting.

Meanwhile, the victim, Bai Mamoud was given medical papers by the police to take treatment. We wish him a speedy recovery.

It was a tricky situation. Mob justice would have prevailed easily. We have to commend the community and the police for the way they handled the situation.

It is reported that some Indian shops did not open their shops today for fear of reprisals.

Alusine A. Sesay

SIERRA LEONE:- One of the VICTIMS of The horrific incident at Guard Street, in Freetown speaks.

An Indian TRAVELED thousands of miles away from India to Sierra Leone to gruesomely perform such act on innocent and unsuspecting Sierra Leoneans.

How can you suddenly pounce on someone, with sharp weapons no sooner he
entered your doorstep,? — caught off-guard without saying a word to him,– if not the intent of killing him immediately?
This is inconceivable.

Most of these criminals entered Sierra Leone illegally, poor with hardly nothing to eat and dressed in rags.- Then you see gullible, thoughtless, and recreant Sierra Leoneans that are ever so ready to undermine their country and fellow citizens for these criminals by teaming up with them.-

Sadly, this case represents the new face of human trafficking which now entails the illegal removal of vital human organs.–THE ORGAN TRAFFICKING.

It is a well-organized international racket that features prominent international politicians, business people, doctors, nurses and the police. The World Health Organisation estimates that the trade, named “the red market” is worth over $1 billion each year.

Sierra Leone..and by extension,Africa continues to be a major market for the international buyers due to weak laws, weak enforcement, our porous borders, endemic corruption and poverty.

Stories abound of agents to international buyers in pitching tents in conflict zones across Africa targeting vulnerable people with offers.

In-fact it is argued that where there are poor people including Sierra Leone, there are organ brokers. – In Sierra Leone,
these criminals lure, attack and then kill their victims right in
the middle of our city.–What impudence.

I have also read harrowing tales of thousands of people tricked or drugged and their organs harvested without their knowledge. I have read cases in Egypt and South Africa where locals will meet with strangers and after a
few drinks they are taken to a hotel room and when they wake up they find themselves next to a bathtub with ice and having been badly stitched.–
The syndicate continues to be brazen and is flourishing because of the gap in law and enforcement and porous borders that allow all sorts of criminals into our countries.

What we are witnessing nowadays in Sierra Leone with some of these foreigners is that if it’s not plundering our Fish-stocks today, it will be our diamonds tomorrow, or gold, and now our people through either sexual abuse, human-trafficking or organ-harvesting by butchering them in hideout places like what these criminals did to this fellow Sierra Leonean.

A massive public education campaign for foreign criminals is long overdue in Sierra Leone. Let the authorities properly investigate this revolting, gruesome and grotesque incident.–and these animals must be brought to book by any means necessary. They must pay for this grim and abhorrent crime.


12 hrs

It happen in Freetown Sierra Leone at Guard street by 1:45pm on Sunday.
A man was passing by,selling voucher top up and he was called by an Indian man who is staying up one building 3rd flour,saying the man should come up he want to buy voucher for him,when d man climbed up the building,this Indian man and some others they attack the man and killed him cut him into pieces,the man on the photo is the voucher seller’s brother,he was down d building waiting for him brother to come back, but he has waited for too long,so he decided to moved up the building to known what’s the problem,unfortunately he saw nothing but blood all over d place with his brother head in a rubber, they try to kill him too as u can see ,but fortunately for him he escape form there hands and Quickly ran to the police and reported the issue,
The police are investigate in the issue now!!!


2 hrs

Paopa echelons are conniving with Indian Nationals to mutilate Sierra Leonean for rituals. A video and photographs of Sierra Leoneans killed and mutilated in a four storey building at Guard Street were displayed. Thousands of youths in the city of Freetown gathered at Guard Street to break into the building, but orders from above prevented them doing so. Sources from affected victims says that there is a big underworld camp at Bonthe created by Indians to initiate young boys and girls this country. While our country is facing acute hunger and starvation, underworld in manipulation has become alarming.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad this is the Sierra Leone we are living in under the New Direction.

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