A disaster of this magnitude is unfolding in Sierra Leone and President Bio is nowhere to be found

We at COCORIOKO  do not want to be criticizing the president everyday, but President Maada Bio does not help to mitigate criticisms on his stewardship. A massive disaster of this nature is unfolding in Sierra Leone and President Bio is nowhere to be found. It is a damning indictment of the poor leadership President Bio is providing this country.

Rain floods are consuming the city of Freetown. Since this morning, torrential rains have wreaked untold havoc on the city with people forced out of their homes and communities by massive flooding that has turned streets into gushing rivers and homes into flooded  ponds , with loss of lives and destruction of personal effects.


The whole city of Freetown is presently submerged in water and residents are wailing and crying for help but their President is nowhere to be found in the country. He made a two week unexplained absence from the country, allegedly on a fancy trip to London and Kenya on vacation. There was a big outcry from the nation and no satisfactory explanation was given.

The President returned finally , but hardly had time to warm his bed before he jetted out two days later to attend the Independence Anniversary celebrations of neighbouring Liberia. As soon as he returned , the president left the country again two days later, this time headed for Nigeria to deliver a lecture at the Kaduna Military Academy. Since then, he has not returned to the country and it is reported that he is in an Arab country.

Since President Bio came to power last year, he has made over 60 foreign trips , most of them unnecessary and unproductive, trips that should have been made by his Vice-President or ministers or ambassadors. Sadly, the President has brought home nothing substantial from these trips.

Because coups are no longer permitted in West Africa, our leaders are taking advantage of the people. They have become grossly negligent and reckless with power and the people’s welfare. No accountability. Look at President Bio. He spends more time traveling than being home delivering on his promises to the people.

For the president not to be home while Sierra Leone is undergoing another big humanitarian disaster is a shame and it speaks eloquently of the kind of leader Britain imposed on our people last year.

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