Aan Mant -Annant : Water and electricity must be pursued if prosperity is considered a succcess story


 By Dr. Augustine Kamara :

President Koroma has done a lot to improve Sierra Leone and her entire lot. Unfortunately it would appear to some that the president must be a magician or should possess Aladdin’s wonderful lamp to conjure it and satisfy the wishes of everyone in Sierra Leone. Well it is just too bad if some of us as Sierra Leoneans have forgotten too soon the state of affairs we took off with Dr. Earnest Koroma and his government.

The first hundred days saw the flow of electricity into Freetown. Road networks were sprouting throughout the country. Water and environmental sanitation are being tackled as we speak. The mining industries are on the rise. The president is vigorously pursuing agriculture for self-reliance in food agronomy. Social and religious rites are improving. Over and above the country is enjoying peace and tranquility.


Does this mean it is the end of the road to progress? Definitely no!! . Dr. Earnest needs to be reminded that all that glitters is not gold and needs to do more. Yes he might have good intentions but these intentions must follow through. He needs to watch his back. If it causes him to sack and employ public servants who do not measure up to expectations he should do that. He might not have all the answers though and we pray god continues to guide him in his leadership to succeed with his good intentions.

Four months after elections leaves the agenda of prosperity with four and half years to deliver the promise to mama Salone and her children. The president definitely is in in a hurry to meet with his agenda of prosperity. In the midst of that detractors and want to be megalomaniacs or presidents are waging a wicked campaign of hatred to sabotage the peace and progress of the nation. Are we children or morons that cannot think simple reasoning that the entire world including developed nations are devising new ways of how to meet with the challenges facing our political, social and economic strides? The sad thing is that the so called educated Sierra Leonean is proving to be difficult to rule. With so much criticism and less to offer we have become bastions of disgruntled elements. The infighting between political party stalwarts in Sierra Leone demonstrates our immaturity and intolerance for one another in promoting progress of our country.  Definitely president Koroma is not a baby sitter for all this nonsense. We have to be our own diplomats, ministers, parents’ watchdogs for peace and prosperity of our land irrespective of political party, religion, tribe or region.

Dear beloved president the ball is in your court. We humbly ask you to press on the sufficiency of good water supply and electricity. Do not allow your good works to be destroyed. These are basic needs that can attract tourism and all Sierra Leoneans return back home. Please continue in your benevolent ways in supporting good health programs for Sierra Leone. We know it is not easy but with your good intentions Sierra Leone would make it to the top. Please continue to curb down on corruption which I believe your detractors are bent on and will always capitalize on to falter you. Whilst the clock is ticking I am appealing to all Sierra Leoneans to move on with positivity and avoid negativism. LONTA.


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